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GN Netcom 2100 Series Headsets






Sleek and lightweight, the GN2100 SoundTube Series headsets are the first to use Acoustic Transmission Line (ATL) Technology.

ATL eliminates sound reverberations and distortion usually associated with voice

The result - superior sound quality.

• Provides superior sound quality
• Convenient swing-away boom
• Omni directional microphone
• Full-size leatherette cushion (additional leatherette cushion binaural style)
• Single-wire binaural design available
• Amplified and direct connect models
• Two Year Warranty

GN 2110ST Monaural (shown)
GN 2115ST Binaural
GN 2117ST Over-The-Ear

GN Netcom GN 2100 Flex Noise Canceling

The GN 2100 Flex Series headset is for more demanding applications. They feature a flexible boom, which ensures correct microphone positioning. Perfect for noisy environments, the noise-canceling microphone filters out distracting background noise. The GN 2100 Flex is so lightweight and comfortable - you almost forget you're wearing it.

• DuraFlex II microphone boom

• Noise canceling microphone

• Full-size leatherette cushion
(additional leatherette cushion binaural style on the ear)

• Amplified and direct connect models

• Two Year Warranty

GN 2110 ST
Monaural over-the-head, SoundTube clarity.

GN 2115 ST
Binaural over-the-head, SoundTube.

GN 2117 ST
Monaural over-the-ear SureFit®, SoundTube.

GN 2120 NC
Monaural over-the-head, Noise Canceling Flex boom

GN 2125 NC
Binaural over-the-head, Noise-canceling Flex boom

GN 2127
Monaural over-the-ear SureFit® Noise-canceling Flex boom

GN 2100 Telecoil
Binaural over-the-head, Noise-canceling Flex boom, Telecoil support for the hearing impaired

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