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GN Netcom - 8110

If you’re moving to Voice over IP, or any other voice-driven application, you need the GN 8110 USBxp—a professional quality headset system that dramatically improves performance for any PC voice application. With the GN 8110 USBxp, you can connect your GN Netcom brand headset directly to your PC’s USB port. By bypassing the sound card, the GN 8110 USBxp virtually eliminates sound card compatibility problems. Certified for use on Windows® 98 SE, 2000, ME and XP (as well as Mac OS 9.0.4 or greater), the GN 8110 USBxp is a true plug-and-play adapter. There’s no software to install. Just plug your GN Netcom brand headset into the adapter, and plug the adapter into your PC’s USB port. You get clean, distortion-free SmoothStream™ digital audio, without the distracting echo effect common to VoIP. In fact, any voice-driven application will benefit from the crisp, highly intelligible,"direct-to-digital" sound quality of the GN 8110 USBxp. GN 8110 USBxp

GN Netcom Features
• Certified for use on Windows OS
• SmoothStream CD-quality sound
• Plug & play—no software to install
• Compatible with all USB-capable computers
• Connects to any GN Netcom brand headset

• Will work with your computer
• Improves performance of voice applications
• Easy to install and use
• Eliminates noise and sound card compatibility problems
• Preserves your equipment investment

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