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Communication Solutions

Communication Server 1000 is a server-based, full-featured IP PBX, providing the benefits of a converged network plus advanced applications and over 450 world-class telephony features. Fully distributed over IP LAN & WAN infrastructure with built-in reliability and survivability, Communication Server 1000 supports business-critical applications, including unified messaging, customer contact center, IVR, wireless VoIP and IP phones.

Key Features:

  • IP PBX functionality delivered over IP LAN and WAN infrastructures without sacrificing features or high-value business communications applications
  • Designed to scale to meet growing enterprise requirements: 15,000 IP clients per call server; multiple Call Servers networked with transparent IP networking; single Gatekeeper supports up to 15,000 IP users
  • Built-in reliability based on VXWorks operating system and proven feature set with multiple resiliency mechanisms, including survivable Call Servers, Signaling Server redundancy configurations and survivable WAN gateways
  • Extensive desktop portfolio includes IP phones, software phones, 802.11 Wireless VoIP phones, as well as digital and analog phones to meet diverse end-user requirements
  • Supports business-critical applications, including IP Contact Center, CallPilot unified messaging, and integrated services such as conferencing, one-number-follow-me Personal Call Director, recorded announcement, network-wide attendant and messaging


  • Feature rich with over 750 call processing and telephony features
    Highly scalable with support for up to 22,500 IP users off of one Call Server, multiple Call Servers networked together can support unlimited scalability
    World class reliability and redundancy mechanisms - highly reliability architectural elements that maximize network uptime with extensive redundancy mechanisms to ensure network uptime including survivability options such as Campus and Geographic redundancy to support network failover
    Extensive desktop portfolio includes; Wireless, Soft-phones, IP, Digital and Analog set support, to meet diverse end-user requirements
    Supports business-critical applications, including IP Contact Center, CallPilot unified messaging, and integrated services such as conferencing, one-number-follow-me Personal Call Director, recorded announcement, network-wide attendant and messaging
    Telephony integration with desktop application providers such as Microsoft and IBM


  • Resiliency mechanisms ensure your network stays up and operational to ensure you stay focused on the business at hand
  • Security mechanisms ensure your network traffic, data and users are protected - so you can worry about growing your business
  • Open architecture enables integration with 3rd party clients and applications to deliver solutions that meet your objectives
  • Simple, scalable architecture enables you to deploy one solution today and evolve it as your needs dictate
  • Empower your mobilized workforce with the same capabilities and tools available to the desktop
  • Distributed services across a common communication network improves efficiency
  • Extensive desktop capabilities, including IP, digital and analog phone support leverages support of existing infrastructure
  • Integration with world-class telephony and multimedia applications from Nortel and 3rd parties provides your workforce with the tools to excel
  • Architecture and philosophy that ensures investment protection
  • An evolution path from TDM to IP - at your own pace!
  • Communication Server 1000 is an integral part of Nortel's Unified Communications (UC) Vision and will evolve with you as your needs change
  • Integration with Microsoft and IBM UC solutions extends telephony capabilities to the desktop for enhanced productivity
The Internet and telephony come together in Succession Solutions

Look to Succession solutions as an intelligent step in building your successful future. By combining the best of the Internet with the best of the phone network, your next-generation packet network reliably transports voice, data, and multimedia traffic over a single infrastructure, to open a whole new realm of possibilities. To the service provider, future-ready Succession solutions serve as an economic engine that expands your current revenue streams to power your future growth with new packet-enabled multimedia services. Currently available applications include Long Distance, Local Tandem, Local Line, Cable Media, and Enterprise solutions.

To the enterprise, the Succession portfolio is an evolving set of solutions that allow you to IP-enable your telephony network and telephony enable your IP network—so you can benefit from one converged, simplified communication infrastructure. Whether you build new or incorporate existing multi-vendor investments, standards-based Succession solutions offer the flexibility to succeed with Internet Telephony. Our comprehensive portfolio enables you to build a customized solution designed specifically for your network today, and will grow to encompass data Virtual Private Networks, familiar feature-rich business services like Centrex, emerging multimedia communications, unified messaging, and voice-enabled e-commerce—all with seamless
wireline, wireless, and cable access.

Succession Solutions and the high-performance optical Internet
Nortel Networks is developing the enabling infrastructure to transform todays collection of best-effort IP networks into the high-performance optical Internet with unconstrained content access and delivery. In the process, we are creating an Internet
with the reliability, scalability, security, and accessibility needed for you to profit from the mass-market deployment of Internet Telephony. With sufficient bandwidth in the network, the bottleneck becomes routing. Our OPTera Packet Solution replaces old-world routers with carrier-grade hardware and software with true 99.999 percent reliability. OPTera integrates the optical and packet layers and scales to hundreds of terabits. Succession and OPTera Packet Solutions work together to build a new infrastructure that integrates packet technology with optics with terabits of bandwidth and carrier-grade reliability, from metro
solutions to hub and backbone networks.

The product of unmatched telephony expertise

No one else is in a position to offer an Internet Telephony portfolio with the global reach, breadth of services, and carrier-grade reliability of Succession solutions. That’s because this portfolio incorporates the wealth of real-world experience and expertise
that Nortel Networks possesses in both telephony and IP networks. With an end-to-end portfolio of services that is second to none, we designed and engineered a significant portion of today’s global Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Worldwide, the PSTN represents a total investment of some one trillion U.S. dollars. We are acutely aware that you must be able to leverage your circuit-switching investment in the transformation to Internet Telephony. Designed with economics as well as technology in mind, Succession solutions preserve existing subscriber revenue streams even as you move services to new platforms and networks.

For emerging service providers without existing investments, the telephony expertise that Nortel Networks brings to the world of IP networking is even more valuable. With our proven record for platforms and services that translate directly into speed-to-revenue and profitability, Nortel Networks leads the industry in voice/data switching sales to new carriers, worldwide. Today, Succession solutions successfully deliver live calls on one of the world’s largest pure IP-based Internet Telephony networks. Nortel Networks completed the initial deployment of this carrier-class IP network in less than six months.

For Enterprise
Our industry-leading platforms, software, and service help you navigate, at your own pace, a simplified path to IP networking. Be future-ready with comprehensive voice and data services that support enhanced global communications, e-commerce, Internet-based call centers, and customized services. Our solutions build on an open, standards-based approach that is scalable and highly reliable—to simplify communications, enhance employee productivity, forge closer customer relationships, and facilitate employee mobility.

In all markets Delivers carrier-grade service, end to end
Internet Telephony is too important to be left to IP networks lacking predictable and reliable performance. To achieve the PSTN equivalence of 99.999 percent reliability, each element of Succession solutions, whether deployed over an ATM or IP packet
network, meets the same design standards that define today’s carrier grade networks. All Succession solutions are exceedingly robust, meeting the thermal management, fault isolation, redundancy, and scalability requirements that IP routing vendors frequently overlook.

Consolidates services on multi-service platforms
Using the same hardware for multiple services reduces costs and simplifies service provisioning. Benefit from additional economies of scale by consolidating overlay networks that have separate operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P) costs. Succession solutions include gateways that transparently support PSTN calls, IP, ATM, frame relay, dial-up data, DSL, PRI, LAN, WAN, and more.

For carriers
Powers an economic engine for tomorrows next-generation network The majority of a network operator’s revenues are still generated by telephony, and most successful competitive providers continue to place line-side services at or near the center of their business models. With a well-planned, future-ready transformation to full Internet Telephony, Succession solutions leverage near-term revenue streams for long-term gain. The cost savings generated from deploying Succession solutions can help recover your investment associated with the network transition.

Helps increase your competitive velocity

Internet Telephony is evolving in a deregulated, high-velocity environment with no tolerance for proprietary systems. The central office is giving way to the distributed office, with switch functions unbundled. Our open APIs and optional Java-based programming environment enable you to add new and differentiated services quickly by using industry-standard development tools or drawing on third-party developers. Rapid service creation speeds timeto revenue and drives down costs. In existing networks, Succession solutions seamlessly connect to standards compliant switching offices, ATM or IP backbones, and legacy SS7 signaling/Intelligent Network resources. Includes cable TV, broadband wireless, and other "first mile" technologies Succession solutions cover the first mile of the network, and Nortel Networks offers a range of end-to-end solutions to deliver access with much greater speed and capacity—helping drive Internet Telephony profitability. Succession solutions decrease costs and increase revenues regardless of how subscribers choose to access your network.

Simplifies network management
The disparate systems that provision, bill, and manage today’s IP networks simply won’t scale to serve a massmarket Internet Telephony offering. A suite of synergistic solutions from our Preside portfolio helps you effectively provision, deploy, manage, and bill new and existing services in a timely fashion without undue burden on your operations staff. For example, the Preside Manager for Succession lets you manage QoS and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at the subscriber level across an entire network, with the potential to increase revenues by rapidly introducing and provisioning high-value services. For enterprises Helps put an end to stranded investments Standards-compliant Succession solutions serve as a long-term investment, whether you want to implement Internet Telephony immediately, or leverage your current communications system with incremental migration to IP, all with minimal impact on your employees, customers, and suppliers. Our adherence to international standards not only expands our interoperability with other vendor products and systems, but it can enhance these investments. For example, our use of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) standard helps eliminate the headaches associated with managing separate, independent voice and data directories throughout your business.

Nortel Networks leads the Internet
Telephony market for all major segments. Succession solutions offer a complete portfolio of Internet Telephony applications in each of these segments, including communication servers, multi-service gateways, core routing and switching elements, Internet terminals, network management, a Java-based service creation platform, advanced eBusiness applications, professional services, a feature-rich DMS service set, and more. Succession solutions can accommodate either ATM or IP, and can be flexibly mixed and matched to meet your particular needs. No matter where your network is starting from, Nortel Networks can position your network for the future.

Long Distance Solution

The Succession Long Distance solution provides multiple options to deliver full-featured, carrier-class long-haul multimedia transport over multi-service IP networks. Now you can take advantage of the dramatically improved cost control, open standards, and fast time to market for new and differentiated services promised by IP networks without sacrificing the values of traditional telephony—such as voice quality, service richness, reliability, scalability, and manageability.

Local Tandem Solution
The Succession Local Tandem solution delivers complete, multi-vendor compatible, multi-service networks optimized for telephony features and emerging IP services/applications over an ATM-based backbone. Migrating existing voice traffic onto this network helps reduce operating costs and capital expenditures, relieve trunk exhaust issues, and protect current revenue streams and networking investments.

Local Line Solution
Now you can smoothly transition today’s revenue-generating services to tomorrow’s packet access domain by directly connecting subscriber interfaces to your ATM backbone. With the Succession Local Line solution, you can use Internet Telephony to deliver the sophisticated, world-class DMS family of business and residential features, including Centrex, CLASS, coin, xDSL, and more.

Cable Media Solution
With the scalable, end-to-end Succession Cable Media solution, you can unite voice, video, and data on integrated, broadband access and transport networks. Whether you build new or incorporate existing Hybrid-Fiber-Coax (HFC) plant, you deploy one network in place of multiple wireline, coax, and fiber overlays to deliver high-speed, reliable communication services with the lowest total cost of entry investment.

Enterprise Solution
This solution delivers the fully distributed multi-service communications network sought by many dynamic corporations today. Its portfolio offers a seamless migration that incorporates your “real world” investments to a cost-reducing, ubiquitous IP network.
With support for e-commerce, Internet-enabled Symposium Call Center Server, CallPilot unified messaging, and more, this scalable, reliable system can enhance employee productivity as it helps forge closer customer relationships.

Like the World Wide Web, Internet Telephony will dramatically change the way we communicate and do business. And many of those changes will come in unexpected ways, with effects we can only begin to imagine now. Succession solutions reflect the dynamic nature of the Internet. Nortel Networks will continue to build solutions to support the high-performance optical Internet so you can compete and succeed with Internet Telephony. So, keep talking. We’re listening.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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