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Nortel IP Phone 1150E

Enhancing service levels in IP Contact Centers

The Nortel IP Phone 1150E with Gigabit Ethernet brings best-in-class IP Telephony and advanced communication features to ACD environments and the IP Contact Center. An ideal solution for agents and supervisors, the multi-line IP Phone 1150E leverages the award winning features and design of the IP Phone 1100 Series for a superior user experience, while adding dedicated agent and supervisor fixed keys along with IP delivery of highly-desired Contact Center features. With a large, high-resolution, pixel-based, graphical grayscale display, a USB port supporting an enhanced navigation experience, Gigabit Ethernet integration for support of collocated PC traffic and standard Bluetooth headset profile support for agent mobility, the IP Phone 1150E delivers a powerful combination of features to maximize productivity, enhance customer service levels, reduce costs and ultimately, drive increased business performance.

Key features and benefits include:
> Multi-line IP Phone supports up to twelve line/programmable feature keys1, four context-sensitive soft label keys2 and twelve fixed keys common to the IP Phone 1100 Series

> Seven additional fixed keys with built in LEDs dedicated to IP Contact Center agents including: In-Calls, Not Ready, Make Set Busy, Supervisor, Supervisor Listen/Talk, Emergency and Activity3

> Optional Supervisor configuration delivers seven fixed keys including Observe Agent, Call Agent, Answer Agent, Answer Emergency, Display Agents, Interflow and Night Service 4

> One additional feature key with built-in LED, programmable for any commonly used telephony or ACD features 5

> High-resolution, fully-backlit, pixelbased, eight-level grayscale display, which combined with a multi-position footstand, optimizes viewing under varied lighting conditions

> Four-way navigation cluster with “Enter” key for maximum choice and flexibility in applications navigation and entry

> Built-in USB port for support of standard USB mice, USB keyboards, devices offering USB keyboard emulation and USB powered hubs, enhancing user experience when interacting with applications and selecting menu options

> An integrated Bluetooth® 1.2 Audio Gateway for support of standard Bluetooth headset profiles, boosting agent productivity with greater freedom at the desktop

> An integrated 10/100/1000 IEEE Base-T Ethernet Switch with LAN and PC ports, supporting switching of both IP Phone traffic and the traffic from a collocated PC

> Gigabit Ethernet switch integration for investment protection at the desktop, addressing the ongoing growth of multimedia-intensive traffic from a collocated PC, enabling it to be switched through the PC port of the IP Phone 1150E

> Dual headset jacks for agent support and supervisor plug-in, leveraging third-party headsets

> 802.3af Power over Ethernet as standard or local power option via a separately orderable AC power adapter

> Visual Alerting/Message Waiting Indication LED for incoming call and voice message pending notification

> Feature Status LED to signal users of firmware downloads in progress

> Secured communications with standards-based signaling and media path encryption along with authentication for network access control

> Supports 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol, simplifying network discovery and inventory management

> Lockable Tools Menu for local access to configuration, diagnostic and user preference options with USB navigation support

> Supports Unicode for expanded language and complex font presentation on the phone display

> Tight linkage with Nortel Communication and Application Servers, offering a rich suite of reliable, business-grade telephony, IP Contact Center communication and application features

> Proactive Voice Quality Management (PVQM) for enhanced administration and diagnostics

> Added convenience and time savings with field-upgradeable firmware using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) or UNIStim File Transfer Protocol (UFTP)7

Technical Specifications

Platform support

• Nortel Communication Server 1000 Release 4.5 and later
• Nortel Communication Server 2100 (initial support on Release SE10 and later)
• Media Gateway 1000B Expansion Chassis

IP Contact Center Server
• Symposium Express Contact Center (SECC) Release 4.2
• Symposium Contact Center Server (SCCS) Release 5.0
• Contact Center Release 6.0 Display
• High resolution, fully backlit, bitmapped, graphical Film Super Twist Nematic (FSTN) Liquid Crystal Display, 240 x 160 pixel, with support of eight grayscale levels
• Contrast settings, accessible via Local Tools Menu, to enhance agent and supervisor viewing experience
• Configurable backlight timer with 5, 10, 15, 20-minute, 1-hour, 2-hour settings and a “Sleep Never” option for 24x7 Contact Center environments
• Supports Unicode for expanded language and complex font presentation on the phone display8

Footstand and adjustments

• Desktop viewing adjustments: 32.5, 40, 47.5 and 55 degree angle height positions
• Wall mount option: minus 5 degrees Fixed and soft label keys
• Twelve fixed business telephony keys including Hold, Goodbye,Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Directory, Message/Inbox, Shift/Outbox, Quit, Copy, Expand and Services
• Four context-sensitive soft label keys for easy-to-use navigation
• Seven dedicated Agent fixed keys with built-in LEDs: Listen/Talk, In-Calls, Not-Ready, Make Set Busy, Supervisor,
Emergency and Activity10 (default configuration)
• Seven dedicated Supervisor fixed keys with built-in LEDs: Observe Agent, Call Agent (direct line), Answer Agent, Answer Emergency, Display Agents, Interflow and Night Service (optional configuration with purchase of Supervisor Keycap kit)
• One additional programmable fixed key (“Feature Key”), which can be flexibly assigned to support a standard telephony
or ACD specific feature

Navigation cluster
• Four way navigation cluster (left, right, up, down arrows) plus Enter key12 USB
• Integrated USB port for standard USB mice, keyboards, keyboard emulation devices and powered hubs

Headset support

• Integrated Bluetooth 1.2 Audio Gateway supports standard third-party Bluetooth headset profiles (Bluetooth Power Class 2)
for intra-office mobility up to 10m/33ft away from audio gateway
• Support for third-party wired and wireless headsets
• Dual headset jacks: Agent and Supervisor Call Recording
• Supports transmission of duplicate media streams with Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring (CRQM)

Expansion Module
• Supports 18-button Expansion Module for IP Phone 1100 Series via integrated Expansion Module/ Console port14

User Selectable Ringtones


• Graphite with Silver Metallic Bezel finish

Dimensions and weight
• Dimensions including footstand (HxWxD):
– 55 degree configuration: 9.05 in x 6.14 in x 7.36 in/229.9mm x 155.9mm x 187.1 mm
– 32.5 degree configuration: 7.12 in x 6.14 in x 8.48 in/180.9mm x 155.9 mm x 215.4 mm
– Minus 5 degree configuration (wallmount):
9.79 in x 6.14 in x 3.29 in/ 248.6mm x 155.9 mm x 83.6 mm
• Weight: 1.70 lbs/771 g

Connectivity/data rates
• Integrated 10/100/1000 IEEE Base-T auto-sensing Ethernet Switch for shared PC access (one LAN and one PC port)
• Manually configurable for 10 and 100 Mbps speeds when used with Ethernet Switches that do not support auto-sensing
• Minimum Category 5e cabling required for Gigabit Ethernet deployment (Category 5e cable included as standard) Power
• Supports IEEE 802.3af power standard, pre-standard Nortel and Cisco proprietary powering schemes
• Power dissipation: IEEE Power Class 3.

Gigabit Ethernet: 7.2 watts idle, 9.6 watts full utilization (exclusive of cable loss); 100 Mbps: 5.0 watts idle; 6.8 watts full utilization
• Universal local AC power adapter as option (“brick style”) supported (100/240 VAC, 50/60Hz power adapter delivering 48V DC @ 0.52A max)
• AC power cable (country specific) — separately orderable
• USB port power: 100mA power; With powered USB hub, supports up to 500mA

• Integrated high-quality speaker (Listen only and Audio Paging)

Administration and Security
• Supports 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) for network discovery and inventory management
• Static, Partial and Full Dynamic Host Control Protocol settings (Full DHCP factory default)

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.



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