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Expansion Module for IP Phone 2000 Series

Nortel IP Phone Key Expansion Module provides additional line/feature key appearances from Nortel Communication Servers to IP Phones 2002 and 2004. With support of up to 24 additional keys per Module, the IP Phone Key Expansion Module extends the reach of your employees offering increased personalization to both customers and colleagues at the desktop.

Key Features:
  • Centralizes and extends support for inbound callers, offering increased personalization, by expanding the number of line/feature key appearances up to 24 per Key Expansion Module, when supported off either IP Phone 2002 or 2004
  • Reduces costs by offering an alternative to deploying multiple IP Phones at the desktop. Supports up to two Key Expansion Modules (48 keys) per Nortel IP Phone 2002 or 2004
  • Minimizes desktop footprint with "shift" functionality, enabling access to a total of 48 additional keys (2 pages x 24), using one Key Expansion Module, on selected Nortel Communication Servers
  • Powered directly from IP Phone 2002 or 2004, thereby eliminating the cost of a standalone power supply and increasing "fail-safe" reliability
  • Delivers scalability and investment protection as business needs change with cross Communication Server offering
Features & Benefits


  • Up to 48 additional line/programmable feature keys extending off either IP Phone 2004 or 2002*
  • Supports "shift" functionality on selected Nortel Communication Servers, enabling a single IP Phone Key Expansion Module to access up to a total of 48 keys (2 pages x 24) in space limited environments
  • Direct powering from IP Phone 2004 or 2002 - standalone power supply is not required
  • Optional IP Phone Key Expansion Module wall mount kit for deployment on either IP Phone 2004 or 2002
  • Supported on all phases of IP Phone 2004 and 2002 (prior releases to phase II of the IP Phones require firmware version B63 or later)


  • Delivers cost and desktop space savings offering increased line/feature key appearances (up to 24 per unit/up to 48 with "shift" functionality) versus purchase of additional standalone IP Phones
  • Promotes customer satisfaction with greater personalization by centralizing up to 48 additional line appearances at a single desktop
  • Reduces costs and offers greater reliability with power drawn directly from the IP Phone, thereby eliminating the need for standalone power supplies
  • Ensures investment protection as business needs change with cross Nortel Communication Server offering

Offers increased flexibility for more demanding customer environments with Optional IP Phone Key Expansion Module Wall Mount Kit

  • Technical Specifications

    Nortel Communication Servers

    • Nortel Communication Server 1000 Release 4.0 and later (requires IP Line 4.0 functionality or later)
    • Nortel Communication Server 2100 (supported with Release SE07)

    Nortel IP Phones

    • IP Phones 2004 and 2002 (firmware update to version B63 needed for pre-phase 2 phones)

    Nortel IP Phone Key Expansion Module (KEM)

    • 2 columns of 12 soft labeled keys (total 24 per unit)
    • 2 Key Expansion Modules maximum per IP Phone 2004 or 2002 (up to total of 48 additional appearances*)
    • 10 character display per key label
    • Connects to IP Phone 2004 or 2002 via Accessory Equipment Module (AEM) interface on IP Phone (KEM is right- side mounted)
    • Adjustable contrast for different viewing angles including wall mount
    • Self-adjustable tilt-stand
    • IP Phone KEM Colors: Charcoal and Ethergray
    • Languages supported: English, French, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, Latvian, Russian Cyrillic alphabet, Katakana
    • CISPR 22B compliant

    *Exact number of feature keys supported may vary by Nortel Communication Server. Refer to the Communication Server documentation of choice for further details.


    What is the maximum number of IP Phone Key Expansion Modules supported off an IP Phone 2004 or 2002?
    This varies by Nortel Communication Server. For Communication Server 1000 Release 4.0 and Communication Server 2100 Release SE07, it is two maximum.

    What is the "shift" function?
    The "shift" function enables access to a second page of up to 24 keys on the same IP Phone Key Expansion Module, thereby reducing desktop space as one IP Phone Key Expansion Module can support up to 48 additional appearances. This function is delivered on Nortel Communication Server 1000.

    How is the IP Phone Key Expansion Module powered?
    The IP Phone Key Expansion module requires 3milliamps of power per module. It draws its power from the IP Phone 2004 or 2002. There is no local power supply for the IP Phone Key Expansion Module.

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