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Meridian M7324 Phone

Information on Norstar M7324 Phone:

The M7324 phone set is best fitted as a console phone for medium sized to large companies. The Nortel M7324 telephone has 22 buttons with lights next to each button. This allows the user to have up to 22 lines viewed on the Norstar phone. Another good application is to program the extra buttons as other extension numbers. The extra buttons will allow the user to see who is on the other phones in the office and to handle calls more efficiently. The M7324 Nortel phone is also a two-way speakerphone and can be wall mounted. This telephone can be expanded to have more line buttons by adding a Key Lamp Module. An Nortel M7324 can have a total of two KLM's per phone.

What is a Meridian Norstar M7324 phone?

The Meridian Norstar M7324 console phone is the best choice for a full featured terminal or central answering position because it offers 24 programmable buttons with an LCD display for one-button access to any combination of lines, features, and autodial numbers. Up to two Central Answering Position (CAP) modules (with 48 buttons per module) can be attached to the M7324 phone to create powerful call coverage for many lines or to accommodate additional Norstar features.

Who should use a Meridian Norstar M7324 phone?

The M7324 phone, with or without CAP modules, is designed for secretaries and receptionists for centralized call answering. It is also useful for managers, professionals, and system administrators requiring high feature usage and access to various lines, including private lines.

What type of applications use the Meridian Norstar M7324 phone?

For smaller businesses and applications, the Meridian Norstar M7324 by itself is a central answering position. If all incoming calls are answered by one person and then distributed throughout the organization, then the purchase of a M7324 should be considered. Larger businesses and applications require the addition of CAP modules. For example, stock brokers could use the M7324 with two CAP modules for fast autodial access to preferred customers.


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