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Upgrading to Nortel Business Communications Manager Release 4.0 Product Brief

How its improved functionality can improve productivity
Nortel Business Communications Manager already supports many of your organization’s key activities. With features like IP trunking, Call Center, Mobility and Voice Messaging, your team is able to provide better customer service and do more every day. The introduction of Business Communications Manager (BCM) Release 4.0 builds on previous releases to continue to deliver a global, industry-leading, enterprise solution for businesses of all types and sizes.

Improved Customer Service
Contact Center has been improved to give small-to-medium sized businesses the same capabilities and customer service advantages as big businesses. With the ability to accommodate up to 50 skill sets, Intelligent Contact Center maximizes the efforts of even a small number of agents in addressing specific customer needs. Operational efficiencies are also recognized as Custom Call Routing ensures that callers reach the right person faster.

Employee Productivity
Nortel continues to evolve BCM to help clients make the most out of every single day. When employees have the right tools to do their jobs, they can accomplish more and focus on important matters. Voicemail enhancements provide greater flexibility with increases in the number of greeting tables, company greetings, Custom Call Routing Trees and one button Park & Page. Each mailbox also supports up to six telephones with message waiting indication making it easier for employees who share a common mailbox to see if there are new messages. These improvements combine to reduce the number of dropped calls as they create a more direct path to the answers and information customers need. Conference calls are a way of life for employees in many types of businesses. With the expanded conferencing capability on BCM 4.0, up to 40 ports are available. This provides your organization with the flexibility to host multiple conference calls with varying numbers of participants - enabling employees to collaborate more effectively. Further flexibility is available via the introduction of a ‘New Call’ soft key, which allows users on a call that includes more than three participants to dial out and add more participants if needed.

Ease of Management
Out of the box, any release of BCM is easy to configure and manage. The upgrade to BCM 4.0 software introduces an upgrade to the Nortel Corporate Linux Operating System - providing a smooth upgrade path for existing Windows NT operating software-based systems. Nortel Business Element Manager, now available on all BCM systems, utilizes optimized tools that simplify operational tasks such as performing backups and applying software updates. And, if your organization is considering the adoption of a wireless system, Nortel Wireless Local Area Network facilitates the integration of your BCM into your plan.

Enhancement of the BCM’s

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) capabilities improves its interoperability with Nortel Meridian 1, Nortel Communication Server 1000 and the Nortel Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100 that you might already have on site.

BCM 4.0 introduces security enhancements in several areas of concern. Restrictions on the length, content, longevity and repetition of passwords have become more stringent to better protect your important corporate information. To ensure that only approved changes are made to your network, administrators will also be shown data regarding their successful and failed login attempts each time they log in - alerting them immediately to potential security issues. Any changes entered into Nortel Business Element Manager are tracked by BCM 4.0, so identifying who made specific changes is easier. And, the improvements to interface security ensure that all communications between devices are encrypted and do not cross public networks. Finally, the release of BCM 4.0 supports Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server support (4.0). Now your RADIUS system can authenticate your remote or traveling dial-in users and enable access - without any compromise to your company security policies.

Flexible Growth Support
Nortel solutions are designed to grow with your organization. Because as businesses grow, what’s needed today isn’t always what’s needed tomorrow or next year. New features such as Intelligent Contact Center are capable of meeting changing business needs. Intelligent Contact Center bridges the gap as it replaces Basic and Professional Call Centers. It allows you to choose the exact number of seats and the skill sets of those seats within the boundaries of the platform. You only pay for what you use, and not the things you don’t need.

Resolving Challenges by Business Area

Real Estate

- Even while out of the office, agents and support staff can have real-time access to, and the ability to alter, client information, new listings, and reference tools using a virtual private network (VPN).
- Brokers and agents can retrieve and manage all their voice, fax and email messages from a single point - their computer screen.
- Nortel provides real estate firms with easy-to-use management tools so that they can effectively manage the communication infrastructure to meet the changing needs of the organization.

- Nortel WLAN Mobility or Digital Mobility handsets mean that managers and supervisors are accessible to line staff no matter where they are in the manufacturing facility.
- Sales reps can confirm inventory status securely from remote client sites or offices using a VPN.
- The VPN can also be used to push order information to all the parties and departments that need to be informed to make sure that everyone, from the customer to accounts payable, is working from the same information.

- WLAN Mobility eliminates the need for checkout staff to use overhead paging, and grants floor staff direct access to current pricing and promotion information.
- With Automated Attendant and Custom Call Routing enabled, incoming calls from suppliers can be routed directly to the department or staff member best equipped to handle the call.
- Applications are enabled through simple keycodes and seat licenses, so stores only pay for what they need, knowing that they can add users and applications at any time as their business evolves.

Professional Services
- Even while out of the office, employees can have real-time access to project information, reference tools and research databases using secure data capabilities.
- Using Unified Messaging, employees can retrieve and manage all of their voice, fax and email messages from a single point - their computer screen.
- The capabilities of Nortel Business Element Manager put power and flexibility into the hands of the administrator to adapt and manage the communication infrastructure to meet changing needs and requirements.

- BCM protects sensitive client or case data via encryption, and directs confidential faxes to the right party’s desktop using Unified Messaging.
- Through the use of Call Detail Recording, law firms can record and report all professional services and call activity. The resulting data can be used to ensure proper billing and analysis of long-distance costs.
- Even while working from home or the courthouse, BCM data capabilities provide lawyers and support staff real-time access to case information, reference tools and research databases.

Trucking and Logistics
- When fulfillment staff has a question about a shipment or when they believe they’ve identified a potential problem, they can instantly notify their supervisor of the problem on their Digital Mobility or WLAN Mobility handset.
- Using IVR voice prompts, drivers can enter their ID number, record their hours, input their location or even register information about road conditions or serious traffic problems.
- With a Nortel Wireless Mobile Adaptor Card installed on their PDAs, supervisors can update task lists for their employees as issues arise throughout the day.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.
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