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Nortel Networks WLAN IP Telephony portfolio
Business Solutions

Q: How does WLAN IP telephony work?
A: Based on global standards for wireless LANs, Wireless IP telephony simplifies network infrastructure by allowing converged voice and data traffic over a common wireless network. WLAN IP telephony is also known as voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) Internet Protocol, or IP – because packets are used to transport voice on the wireless and wired LAN.

Q: What WLAN IP Telephony products does Nortel Networks offer?
A: Part of the WLAN 2200 Series, the VoWLAN products include:
WLAN Handset 2210
WLAN Handset 2211
WLAN IP Telephony Manager 2245
WLAN Application Gateway 2246

Q: What are Nortel Networks WLAN Handsets?
A: Nortel Networks WLAN Handsets are mobile handsets for enterprise use which delivers high quality voice communications throughout the workplace using IP Telephony technology. Nortel Networks WLAN Handsets operate over an 802.11b wireless LAN, giving users the freedom to roam throughout the workplace, while supporting the rich features and functionality provided by Nortel Networks communication servers.

Q: Where can Nortel Networks WLAN Handsets be used?

A: The WLAN Handsets are for enterprise use, providing high quality voice communications throughout the workplace using IP Telephony technology. They are not cellular or satellite ‘phones.

Q: What is UNIStim?
A: UNIStim is a proprietary protocol developed by Nortel Networks for communication between a Nortel Networks IP phone and a Nortel Networks Call Server.

Q: Can I maintain a telephone call while I move around the office
A: Yes, as long as you stay within a coverage area and your IP address is valid at your particular location

Q: What is the difference between the WLAN Handset 2210 and WLAN Handset 2211?
A: The WLAN Handset 2210 is a sleek and light executive style handset, whereas the WLAN Handset 2211 is more robust and has the addition of a push-to-talk function for use in retail, warehouse and other similar environments. Nortel Networks WLAN Handsets 2210 & 2211 operate over an 802.11b wireless LAN, giving users the freedom to roam throughout the workplace while providing all the features and functionality of a traditional or IP-based telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Nortel Networks WLAN Handset be programmed to ring when my desktop handset rings?
A: Yes, the WLAN Handset can be ‘twinned’ with any analog, digital or IP terminal connected to the same Nortel Networks IP telephony solution.

Q: What is the WLAN Telephony Manager 2245?
A: The WLAN Telephony Manager 2245 is a network appliance that works with the Access Points and Access Ports (AP) to ensure voice quality by providing Quality of Service (QoS) on the wireless LAN. The WLAN Telephony Manager 2245 has two main functions:
-Maintain the connection between handsets and the Call server
-Manages voice prioritization via SVP protocol on a SVP enabled AP

All Nortel Networks IP telephony signaling protocol (UNIStim) packets to and from the WLAN Handsets 2210/2211 pass through the WLAN Telephony Manager 2245 and are encapsulated for prioritization as they are routed to and from the supported Nortel Networks IP telephony solution. WLAN IP Telephony Manager 2245 is required for QoS because the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard provides no prioritization mechanism. An amendment to the standard, 802.11e is currently under discussion within the standards body. Once ratified, this new standard will be adopted by Nortel Networks and implemented across the product line...

Q: What is the WLAN Application Gateway 2246?

A: Nortel Networks WLAN Application Gateway 2246 enables third-party messaging applications to write to the handset display via an Open Application Interface (OAI). This gives users the ability to send and receive text messages to each other and to interact with 3rd party applications. The WLAN Application Gateway 2246 connects to 3rd party application servers either through a serial port or through the Ethernet network.

Q: Does this solution support third party applications, such as Nurse-Call?

A: Yes, via the WLAN Application Gateway 2246 - an Open Application Interface (OAI) which enables third party software applications to communicate with the Nortel Networks WLAN Handsets 2210 and 2211.

IEEE Standards
Q: Once the 802.11e full QoS standard is ratified, can the WLAN Handsets 2210 and 2211 be upgraded via software?

A: Yes. The software will be available for download from Initially, the handsets will be shipped with Wireless Multimedia Extension (WME).

Q: Once the 802.11i full security standard is ratified, will the WLAN Handsets need to be upgraded?

A: No – these handsets will ship supporting AES as standard. Nortel, Nortel Networks, the Nortel Networks corporate logo, the globemark design, Succession and Meridian are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.
  WLAN IP Telephony FAQS


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