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Adaptive Application Engine

The Nortel Adaptive Application Engine makes meeting the demands of the NGN 2.0 world simple. With the Adaptive Application Engine, service providers can extend voice and multimedia communications into the rapidly expanding Web IP application environment. Nortel’s industry standards-based Open Programmability Environment enables service providers to create new applications using the Adaptive Application Engine and deliver new, differentiating services to market quickly and easily. By simplifying the development process, service providers are able to increase profitability by leveraging the same investment across a much wider customer base. Also, the Adaptive Application Engine ensures that services are independent of the IP access technology, giving providers the ability to deliver a consistent service set across multiple broadband IP networks.

Key Features:
  • A comprehensive Class 5 residential and SMB IP voice and multimedia feature set
  • Multiple hardware-agnostic deployment options 
  • Expanded scalability from hundreds to millions of subscribers
  • An Open Programmability Environment that enables developers to create new, differentiating features
  • Support for all network configurations in a single release including standalone SIP application server, in conjunction with Communication Server 2000 IP softswitch and IMS compliant application server
  • Seamless upgrade path for both Communication Server 2000 and Application Server 5200 customers 
Features & Benefits

The Adaptive Application Engine delivers multiple key values to service providers, including:

  • A comprehensive IP voice and multimedia feature set for residential and business customers
  • The hardware freedom model, which increases service provider deployment options and expands scalability from hundreds to millions of subscribers
  • The Open Programmability Environment, which provides industry-based protocols that enable millions of developers to develop differentiated new features
  • Support for all network configurations in a single release, including a standalone SIP application server in conjunction with an IP softswitch and IMS-compliant application server
Technical Specifications

Carrier-grade application server
  • The Adaptive Application Engine delivers the reliability, scalability and manageability needed to deliver profitable mass-market services.
Predictable voice and multimedia performance
  • Virtual Call Admission Control (VCAC)
  • Key component of end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) solution
5 9’s reliability*
  • NEBS-compliant hardware
  • Geographic survivability architecture
  • Software upgrades that do not require systems to be removed from service
* Based on hardware reference model

Expanded scalability

  • Solution can scale from hundreds to millions of subscribers
  • Multiple Adaptive Application Engine systems can be networked as capacity needs dictate
Integrated management and billing
  • Comprehensive management, provisioning and accounting functions are incorporated into the Adaptive Application Engine
  • Interfaces are available for communication service provider OSS and billing systems Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Compliance with E911, CALEA and other regulatory and legal requirements
Key specifications capacity (SIP hosted communication services application)
  • Up to three million SIP subscribers per logical system
Hardware supported
  • As many as 400 industry-standard servers are supported as part of Nortel’s hardware freedom model
Standards participation
  • IETF
  • PacketCable
  • 3GPP/3GPP2
  • OMA
Protocols supported
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (SIP 3GPP, SIP IETF)
  • H.323
  • SIP-Telephony (SIP-T)
  • Common Channel Signaling System 7 (CCS7) including regional variants
  • Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) including regional variants
  • Call Associated Signaling (CAS) including regional variants
Web services
  • Parlay X
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