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Application Brief
Nortel Business Communications Manager Advanced Paging Productivity Pack

Today’s workforce is highly mobile, even when operating within a fixed location. In a large retail or home improvement store, for example, customer service requires a staff that is constantly on the go. But what’s the best way to communicate in this always-mobile workplace?

How do you connect the back office with checkout with the loading dock — and all those points in between? How do you simplify the exchange of important information while making sure that no customer question ever goes unanswered?

Nortel has the answer to those business challenges, and more, with the addition of the Business Communications Manager (BCM) Advanced Paging Productivity Pack (APP Pack). With APP Pack, your BCM becomes the hub of an effective communications strategy that scales across multiple locations. The APP Pack’s powerful features are designed to increase employee productivity, help you benchmark and improve customer service, achieve cost savings, create new revenue opportunities and, where applicable, drive more consistent brand presentation across multiple locations.

The APP Pack is a downloadable application suite that includes four value-adding features:
• One-Button Paging
• One-Button Text Messaging
• Customer Assistance Paging (with optional call box)
• Scheduled Announcements

The solution is designed for any environment where paging is regularly used: large retail, manufacturing, education and more.

Versatile APP Pack features - One-Button Paging
Pre-recorded announcements are stored on the BCM, and announcement keys are programmed on IP or digital sets. A store employee simply presses the appropriately labeled key and the appropriate announcement is then played in the pre-defined paging zone(s). This activity is tracked within BCM reporting for later review.

One-Button Text Messaging
Up to 50 pre-recorded messages are stored on the BCM and programmed on the IP or digital set feature keys. With the push of a button, these messages can then be sent to another IP or digital set. The receiving set uses corresponding soft keys to respond to the request (yes, no or no response), and this activity is tracked within BCM reporting.

Customer Assistance Paging
Enables a customer to press a button on a call box which triggers an announcement to the appropriate paging zone (for example, “Customer assistance required in sporting goods.”). The employee hears the page and responds to the customer, then resets the call box. By tracking this activity and the response time, BCM reporting can help you improve customer service.

Scheduled Announcements

This feature presents a tremendous opportunity for retail stores and other businesses to maintain a similar user and brand experience across all locations, as well as driving incremental revenue opportunities. Consistency is enabled because Scheduled Announcements can be centrally recorded, maintained and distributed across multiple sites using the BCM’s Network Configuration Manager. Scheduled Announcements can be programmed to play store-wide or only to designated paging zones (up to six) based on a pre-determined schedule. Up to 100 schedule rules are available across time of day and day of week.

Sample APP Pack applications

Retail or home improvement store scenario

Using One-Button Paging, at the checkout aisle the clerk could simply press a single button to generate a prerecorded page to the appropriate paging zone; for example, “Manager assistance at check out five, please.” Alternatively, APP Pack’s One-Button Text Messaging feature means that the same clerk could use a pre-programmed button to send a text message to another IP or digital set— for example, to a manager in the back office for assistance.

Retail grocery store scenario
Great flexibility built into APP Pack enables the scheduling of pre-recorded announcements by a number of criteria:
• By fixed time of day, e.g., every day at 11 a.m. when the bread is fresh from the bakery
• Periodic, e.g., every 30 minutes to remind shoppers of a special rewards program or current promotion
• Relative to individual location opening/closing times, e.g.,

“Attention shoppers, our store will be closing in 15 minutes” and then another at 10- and 5-minute intervals, and then a final announcement.

Manufacturing scenario
Different types of “safety” pages can be quickly issued across different paging zones or overhead paging systems. Staff scheduling could be assisted with different prescheduled messages to indicate break times or shift changes. Shipping and receiving could even be improved by providing a page or text message to the appropriate zone or individual to notify them of the arrival of new inventory.

Security scenario
Another application of the APP Pack suite is security in a wide range of environments. For example, the call box can be discretely mounted out of sight to provide a “silent alarm” announcement of a security situation, with suggested precautionary measures.

Education scenario
In a public school setting, APP Pack could be used for pre-scheduling the national anthem each morning, or on an ad-hoc basis for announcements such as, “Due to the poor weather, lunch will be indoors today.” For school security, the optional call box could also be used to instantly request assistance in an emergency.

For the always-mobile workforce
In addition to IP and digital phones, the APP Pack integrates with various Nortel mobility offerings, including Digital Mobility, the T7406E cordless digital phone, WLAN VoIP handsets (2210/11/12), and even PDA (Mobile Voice Client 2050) and PC-based soft clients (IP Softphone 2050). The same one-button paging and text messaging features completely integrate with the Nortel mobility solutions, which means store employees or managers can remain mobile within the store environment, and each of the APP Pack features can be leveraged to reach them while they’re on the go.

APP Pack benefits
customers, employees, supervisors — and your budget

With the Advanced Paging Productivity Pack on your Business Communications Manager platform, you can offer superior levels of customer care and boost productivity with your current resources.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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