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BCM 200 Application Brief
Nortel Business Communications Manager Intelligent Contact Center
A contact center that delivers top-flight customer service can distinguish your company and give you a genuine competitive edge. The contact center can also be the most cost-efficient way to enable a minimal number of agents to field large volumes of calls. Nortel Business Communications Manager systems support flexible, customized contact center solutions:
Business Communications Manager's Intelligent Contact Center at a glance
BCM 50 Rel 2.0
BCM (Q4 2006) 200/400
Configured Agents 100 250
Active Agents 50 80
Agent Priorities 20 20
Dynamic Agent Priorities Yes Yes
Lines 30 100
Dynamic Call Priority 20 20
Routing Steps 20 20
Overflow Rules 20 20
Skill Sets 30 50
Skill Set Mailboxes 30 80
Recorded Announcements 50 150
Intelligent Routing Yes Yes
Activity Codes 2000 2000
Expected Wait Time Yes Yes
Supervisor Help Yes Yes
Login/Logout Yes Yes
Break Time/Wrap Yes Yes
Cancel Wrap Yes Yes
Not Ready/Make Busy Yes Yes
Auto Log Out/Not Ready Yes Yes
Prim. Sec. Threshold Alerts Yes Yes
Skillset Status Display Yes Yes

> Intelligent Contact Center provides capabilities you would expect in large contact centers — advanced features such as real-time statistics and detailed reporting — in a pay-as-you play business model. Agent seats, skills-based routing skillsets and call center reporting capabilities can be turned on by activating a keycode.

Buy only the capacity and capabilities you need today, and grow as needed, any time in the future.

Businesses of any size can now benefit from sophisticated features normally only available for larger, more expensive contact centers. Businesses that previously could not justify a full featured contact center will now find it affordable. Multimedia Contact Center enhances an Intelligent Contact Center by adding Web presence, converging Web pages and contact center agents for a unique, interactive customer experience. All Business Communications Manager platforms come with the Intelligent Contact Center pre-loaded and can be easily activated by downloading a keycode; there’s no need to install additional software or hardware. Intelligent Contact Center will be available on Business Communications Manager 50 Release 2 in Q4 2006.

Satisfy agents, customers, supervisors — and the budget
With contact center applications on your Business Communications Manager platform, you can offer superior levels of customer care with your current resources. Prompt response to every call. Calls are answered immediately, interpreted and routed to the most appropriate agent. If all agents are busy, the caller can choose to leave a message or wait. Recorded announcements ensure callers that their call is in queue and will be answered soon. When call volume is unexpectedly high, Expected Wait Time announcements let your callers know when to expect a response. An express lane to the right destination.

With intelligent routing, the system prioritizes and routes the calls based on the call’s source, destination or caller input. Calls can be routed to the agent who has been idle the longest or the one most qualified to take the call. With skills-based routing, separate call queues are associated with different agent skillsets — such as language, customer category, product line or inquiry type— so callers can get what they need without having to be transferred again. You can configure the system for more skillsets than agents, if you wish. For example, a real estate office might have one receptionist fielding calls for 20 agents (20 skillsets). Or a medical practice might have three agents answering calls for eight doctors (eight skillsets). You only buy the number of agent positions and skillsets you need.

Agents empowered and informed. There are a variety of features designed specifically for the agent. In addition, as soon as the call is connected, the agent can benefit from optional screen pop applications (enabled by computer telephony integration) that could display a returning customer’s account records on screen. Agents can then work more efficiently and provide better service. Assured service quality. At any time, agents can request help from a supervisor. Supervisors can also monitor and/or record calls to ensure that quality standards are upheld. Optimum contact center performance. Performance statistics displayed on a wallboard and updated every few seconds let supervisors and agents know how well the contact center is doing. Supervisors can also view real-time and historical reports on their PCs — valuable information to help them optimize staffing levels, policies and procedures.

Integration with the Web. When Multimedia Contact Center is used with Intelligent Contact Center, the interaction is enriched with the visual interface of the Web. For example, customers can click on a Web page to request a callback from an agent for a voice conversation or real-time text chat. Agents and callers can “push” Web pages to each other. Agents can send screen captures or collaboratively browse the Web with callers. In one efficient session, callers can get the information they need to make decisions. Intelligent Contact Center applications are tightly integrated with the other powerful features of the Business Communications Manager platforms, including Voice Messaging, Auto Attendant and IVR (Business Communications Manager 200 and 400), enabling callers to make interactive inquiries to an external database without requiring agent assistance.

In addition, an open application programmer’s interface enables the system to interface seamlessly with a variety of third-party computer telephony applications. Business communications made simple In-service experience with organizations of many sizes has shown that, on average, high-quality contact center services can reduce a company’s 800/888 (premium rate) charges by 10 percent, reduce abandoned calls up to 15 percent and increase agent productivity 20 to 40 percent. With all calls answered and routed automatically, fewer calls on hold and prompt service, you’ll also stand apart from the competition for the quality of your customer care. Discover the advantages of adding sophisticated contact center services to your Business Communications Manager system.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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