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Nortel Business Communications Manager
Voice Messaging

Unless your business can afford the luxury of round-the-clock phone coverage, you absolutely must have an automated attendant system with voice messaging — a tablestakes requirement for any small to mid-sized business. Nortel Voice Messaging for Business Communications Manager is like a personal assistant that answers your telephones and takes messages for everyone in your company — with complete accuracy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every call is answered with your custom greetings and routed to the appropriate person or department. Customers and suppliers get direct access to the person they want to reach, without having to go through a receptionist. If that person is unavailable, callers can leave important information that drives the business forward, cutting down on unproductive “telephone tag”. With control over calls and messages, employees can focus on the work at hand, confident that they won’t miss important contacts.

Powerful features and applications
Auto Attendant gives small businesses and branch offices a way to gracefully handle incoming call traffic, without the expense of hiring a full-time receptionist. The system answers incoming lines with your personalized greetings — tailored for the time of day, day of week, holiday schedule and calling line ID. Greetings can be saved on a PC and then downloaded to many locations, which saves time and ensures a consistent customer experience, no matter which location callers reach. Customer-controlled routing can include multiple levels, so the caller can self-direct to exactly the right destination — fast. Calls are routed (with caller ID) to the appropriate department, call center skillset or employee. If there’s no one to take the call, Voice Messaging transfers the incoming caller, and the caller can record a message, page the party (BCM 50 only), or transfer to another phone or person.

Integrated Voice Messaging stores, forwards and delivers messages to selected users, identified groups or for broadcast to all users. Callers can leave detailed information, mark their messages as urgent or private, or speak to your designated alternate. When new messages arrive, the system can be set to notify the recipient by call or page, or the caller can be given the option to transfer to your cell or home phone. Mailbox space is virtually unlimited, since the system can store up to 200 hours of messages (platform dependent). Unified messaging consolidates all incoming messages — email, voice mail and faxes — into a single window on your desktop or laptop PC. You can listen to voice mail, save or forward voice messages, view faxes on screen and forward them as email, or even use Caller ID to go straight to a specific message. You have complete access to all your messages, even from remote locations, using familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Netscape Messenger, Lotus Notes, Qualcomm Eudora Pro and Novell Groupwise. Centralized voice mail enables a single Business Communications Manager system to extend Voice Messaging services across a network. The ability to configure voice mail for the entire organization from one location dramatically simplifies management and establishes a central point of control.

Of course, you can always choose to set up voice mail independently at each local system. The Voice Messaging system supports these advanced capabilities on up to 32 ports at once for Nortel Business Communications Manager 200 and 400 systems (up to 10 ports for Nortel Business Communications Manager 50 systems). For example, you could have 10 callers leaving voice messages, 10 callers in the auto attendant, and 12 users listening to voice messages or managing their unified messaging. The all-in-one solution for advanced messaging In the past, extending advanced voice processing services to your users meant installing, maintaining and managing several standalone devices. Now all of these powerful capabilities are incorporated into a single, easy-to-manage platform. No external hardware, server or plug-ins are required. This strategy eliminates the hassle and expense of performing hardware and software upgrades, experiencing software conflicts and contracting with multiple vendors.

You already have it. Just take advantage!

Voice Messaging and Unified Messaging for Business Communications Manager are pre-loaded on your system. You can activate these applications for a 60-day trial period, so you can confirm the gains in productivity, convenience and customer satisfaction before committing to buy. Then, you only pay for the features and mailboxes you need now, and you can expand later simply by downloading an activation key code. Discover the advantages of using the next generation in messaging platforms for your Business Communications Manager system.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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