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Multimedia Communication Server 5100

The Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100 is a leading unified communications solution which seamlessly integrates IP Telephony, multimedia conferencing, instant messaging (IM), presence and other collaboration tools for employees — anywhere, anytime, increasing user mobility, enhancing productivity, improving the effectiveness of communications and reducing communication costs.

The MCS 5100 is available for enterprises of any size and can be seamlessly integrated into existing Nortel voice environments and other environments. MCS clients include a variety of hard IP sets, a PC client, a web client, a mobile client for wireless PDAs, a client which integrates with IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, and a variety of 3rd party SIP devices.

Key Features:
  • IP telephony: enables users to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere and enhances the telephony experience with desktop video, picture caller id, and real-time call screening
  • Audio conferencing: reservation-less conference bridging that scales to thousands of users with a rich feature set including IM-based notification of participants joining and departing the bridge and typically at a much lower cost that traditional outsourced conferencing
  • Video conferencing: economically extends video from the video conference room to the desktop while providing interworking with existing 3rd party video conferencing systems
  • Web collaboration: enables publishing of documents and sharing of applications through a web browser where participants can collaborate
  • Instant messaging (IM) and presence: secure instant messaging with rich dynamic presence so users can see the best way to communicate with co-workers and control their own availability
  • Collaboration: extending beyond just audio/video conferencing and IM, delivers other tools including chat rooms, file transfer, whiteboard sharing, web push and co-browse, and transfer clipboard
  • Personal agent: provides an easy to use interface for managing the users various communications devices by defining rules for find me, follow me as well as call screening and routing
  • Client flexibility: numerous clients to choose from including hard sets, PC and web based soft clients, a client that plugs into IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, a wireless PDA client, and other 3rd party clients
Features & Benefits


  • Nortel MCS 5100 delivers a seamless suite of applications via a single engineered and managed solution, including:

    Collaboration tools

    • Video conferencing
      • Audio conferencing
      • Whiteboard, clip board and file exchange
      • Dynamic presence
      • Web collaboration 


    • Instant messaging (encrypted)
      • Chat
      • Message screening and routing

        Telephony Services

        • Call screening and personalized routes
        • Meet Me and ad hoc conferencing
        • Music on hold and recorded announcements
        • Professional assistant services
        • Real-time call management
        • Desktop video 
        • And many more...


          • Dynamic registration
          • Presence
          • Client for wireless PDA's 
          • Personalization
          • Find me/follow me
          • Call management

  • Supports up to 20,000 active subscribers using IBM x306M servers. Additional capacity and redundancy configurations can be accomplished with multiple server implementations.

  • Provides a simple, easy-to-use interface that works on a range of devices. Centrally engineered and administered.

  • Enables ubiquitous access to telephony and multimedia applications irrespective of where the workplace is - office, home, or remote business travel.

  • Designed to be implemented with a smooth migration path. You can introduce multimedia communications and new productivity tools at a lower cost and without network disruption. MCS 5100 is easily introduced into multi-vendor PBX or VoIP networks, through features like converged desktop where existing desktops and phones can be retained while adding leading-edge SIP-based multimedia services.

  • Supports open SIP protocols

  • Desktop video calling is delivered through coordinated video display on the PC screen and audio conversation using the hard or soft client. Low-cost desktop multipoint video conferencing extends video to all users.

  • Presence provides notification on the status of “watched” users. When users are on the phone, dynamic presence shows them as being on the phone, and when they are away from their desk, the presence changes to inactive.

  • Picture calling line ID presents a picture of the originating caller on the PC screen and the calling line ID (CLID) for incoming and outgoing communications.

  • Personal agent and call screening provides a Find me/Follow me service, with call-screening provisioning for communication personalization. Users define who, where, when, and how callers can reach them. Call screening and routing depends on presence, who is or which group is calling and on the time of the calls (time of day, day of week). Calls can be directed to try multiple locations at one time (office, cell phone, and home), or to ring sequentially, or a multi-level combination. This solution provides tremendous flexibility and control of the communication experience.

  • Network-based incoming and outgoing call logs are kept for easy access and retrieval as well as click-to-call capability.

  • Personal and global directories allow users to store information and use these directories for click-to-call capability.

  • Click-to-call enables users to click from the directory on the multimedia PC client, from the incoming or outgoing call logs, or from the Outlook contact list or inbox to place calls.

  • Mobility solution provides the primary voice service for users who are not in their offices, or those who do not use existing voice infrastructures.

  • Conferencing supports Meet-Me media conferencing to provide multimedia services such as visual notification to the conference chair of all participants entering or leaving the conference. Conferencing also supports video, web-based collaboration, conference recording, and allows instant message chat for sidebar real-time communications. This solution delivers an impressive return on investment (ROI) over outsourced conference solutions and improved functionality.

  • Collaborative applications provides a suite of applications such as instant messaging, Web collaboration, IM chat, file sharing, shared whiteboard, and Web pushing. Video conferencing is another key application in today’s collaborative environments that improves the effectiveness of distance conferencing.

  • Web collaboration provides a powerful tool for the presentation of documents as well as the sharing of applications where participants can collaborate and see changes being made in real time.  Control can be passed from the chairperson to other participants.

  • PDA support offers device support on PDAs such as the RIM Blackberry giving users extended use of presence, secure instant messaging, Click-to-Call, and Route management.


  • Reduce cost of supporting mobile and telecommuting employees, while simultaneously providing anytime/anywhere access. Save as much as 100 percent over traditional alternatives for telecommuters. There's no need for a second phone line, no separate voice mail, and greatly reduced use of calling cards. With MCS 5100, employees can access advanced services from cell phones, PCs, SIP terminals, and wireless devices.

  • Provide Meet Me Conferencing. Now audio and video conferencing can be easy and inexpensive, without requiring a specialized dial plan or dedicated video facilities. Eliminate outsourced conferencing costs. Make multimedia services-such as virtual tours, live training demos, Instant Messaging, and on-demand videoconferencing-as easy as placing a voice call.

  • Boost employee productivity and collaboration. Save employees time, simplify the sharing of information and make critical decisions faster with collaborative services, such as instant messaging, chat, automatic presence and personalized call handling. Studies have found up to 8% time savings with single interface access to multimedia applications. Leverage dynamic presence to reach key resources immediately.

  • Simplify operations. Eliminate communications barriers that inhibit doing business through simplified operations, network-wide applications, native conferencing and access from multiple clients and devices.
  • Protect your investment. Keep your desktop, access integrated multimedia services today and evolve those services as your network evolves. Reduce capital expenditures, training and implementation costs.
Technical Specifications

Key Specifications Interworking:

  • Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 2100, Meridian 1 PBX, Meridian IP-enabled, Business Communications Manager, Norstar key system, SL-100, 3rd Party Gateways (industry-standard protocols) inter-working supported. Gateway control protocols
  • H.323 v4
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Signaling protocols

  • MTP3-User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)
  • ISDN Q.921-User Adaptation (IUA)

Server and Client intercommunication protocols

  • Server: SIP, SIP-T
  • Client: UNISTIM, IPv4, SIP
  • Management: XML. FTP, SNMP vers. 2c, Accounting, IPDR (XML-based)

Signaling Interfaced

  • European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ISUP
  • Other country interfaces, including, but not limited to, Spain and China

Telephony and Multimedia Applications

  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • Telephony
Product Brief - Nortel Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100

Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5100 is a network-based, SIP application delivery solution that seamlessly integrates IP Telephony, multimedia conferencing, instant messaging (IM), presence and other collaboration tools to employees — anywhere, anytime, increasing user mobility, enhancing productivity, improving the effectiveness of communications and reducing communication costs.

IP Telephony
Whether you’re in your office, someone else’s office, at home, in a hotel room, or an Internet hot spot, make all your calls as if you were in the office and make it look like you’re in your office when people call you. Use picture caller ID to manage incoming calls. Check call logs for missed calls. Use click to call from your friends’ list, call logs, directories and other applications to initiate a call but check their availability first using presence. Use distinctive ring tones to audibly identify who is calling. Set up multiple party calls by simply conferencing in others.

Preserve your existing telephony investment with a converged desktop solution where you can redirect voice traffic to existing analog, digital or IP phones but use your PC client for multimedia communications such as video, IM and click to call.

Is your telephony solution making your life easy?

Instant messaging and presence
Justifying the expense for use of instant messaging (IM), presence and collaboration can be a challenge due to the associated
soft dollar savings, but more and more enterprises are today realizing the true value that these capabilities provide. IM and presence provide the ability for users to check on availability of others and communicate in real-time as alternatives to clogging e-mail and phone systems, thereby resulting in faster transaction times, faster responses to queries and general productivity increases. Most IM and presence deployments in the enterprise market have been brought about by individual groups of users making use of free public services. However, these free services are inherently insecure and prone to attack. The MCS 5100 provides secure instant messaging, eliminating security concerns. It also supports presence including dynamic presence such that users’ presence will indicate when users are on the phone or idle because they’ve gone away from their desk. You can transform how employees work and increase their productivity. Get fast answers to questions. Trade ideas with someone, even when you’re on a call with someone else. Interact with multiple colleagues simultaneously. Change your presence to reserve some quiet time for yourself.

Are you faced with the dilemma of employees demanding instant messaging and presence but concerned about corporate
security being compromised by this?

Multimedia collaboration
Audio conferencing is a communications cornerstone in today’s enterprise. However, delivering conferencing services
through a third-party provider can be costly. MCS 5100 for the enterprise brings audio conferencing in-house, eliminating the higher operation costs of externally hosted conferencing services. Convert audio conferencing into multimedia conferencing by adding point-topoint and multi-point video, Web-based publishing and application sharing, and IM chat rooms. Consider the rest of the array of productivity and information exchange tools that MCS 5100 delivers and user collaboration is even further enhanced, enabling increased productivity, faster decision-making and a reduced need for travel. MCS 5100 multimedia applications are fully integrated, easy to use and always available. Stay competitive by making all time productive time. Keep a distributed workforce engaged by enhancing audio conferencing with video and Web-based application sharing. Convene virtual face-to-face meetings without the hassle, expense and stress of traveling. Reduce your cost of staying connected while improving employee collaboration.

What is conferencing costing your enterprise today and is it giving you all that you need?

Adapt communications services to the way you work. Manage incoming calls based on caller ID, time of day and other criteria. Decide whether to answer or forward calls to voice mail, e-mail or a Web site. Automatically track all calls and how they were handled. Control your availability by selectively routing calls to voice mail. Make the most of enhanced telephony features. Establish an ad hoc conference call with multiple parties on the spur of the moment. MCS 5100 puts control of communications in the hands of the end users so that they can easily customize based on their communications requirements.

Need help in managing your communications devices and controlling your availability?

For mobile employees, whether campus mobile, road warriors or telecommuters, it is important for them to be able to reach others but also equally important to be reachable. It is also necessary to provide mobile users with communications tools that go beyond just voice such as instant messaging and presence as this enables them to use alternative real-time communications means when voice communications are less practical. Use of presence enables users to check the availability of others and to communicate their own presence.

“Find me/follow me” capabilities deliver advanced services such as multi-level simultaneous and sequential ringing that enable users to manage their various communications devices efficiently and enhance their reachability. Set up your own rules using an intuitive user interface to direct incoming calls as you see fit. Let your work be what you do — not where you do it. Connect to the network with a desk phone, laptop, mobile phone or wireless device regardless of where you are. Access network-based personal directories, “friends” lists and all communications features quickly and easily. Stay competitive by keeping mobile workers productive at all times. Reduce costs for toll charges, calling cards, cellular usage and second phone lines, and you can prove your business case while improving communications for your mobile users.

What is mobility costing your enterprise today? Are your mobile workers as productive as they could be?

The MCS 5100 is compatible with a variety of SIP clients from Nortel and other vendors. Nortel clients include a PC client, Web client, a variety of hard sets and a mobile client for PDAs. Also available is a multimedia Office client, which integrates within Microsoft Outlook. You can even customize the look and feel of the PC client and integrate the client into your own applications. Numerous third-party vendors such as ipDialog and Polycom offer compatible clients through Nortel’s Developer Partner Program.

MCS 5100 delivers
> Complete collaboration solution
> Increased user productivity
> Improved user mobility
> Personalized communications
> Integrated user experience with all tools from a single user interface
> Investment protection by complementing existing telephony solutions

MCS 5100 toolkit

> Collaboration tools — IP Telephony, IM, presence, whiteboard, file exchange, Web push, co-browsing
> Multimedia conferencing applications — Audio/video, Web-based application sharing, chat rooms
> Personalization features — Call screening and routing, real-time call management, call logs, picture caller ID

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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