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Nortel BCM 450
Business Communications Manager 450 is an all-in-one, affordable platform for converged voice and data communications; ideal for medium-sized businesses and branch offices with 30-250 users. The unified communications capabilities of the Business Communications Manager 450 include unified messaging, Meet-Me Conferencing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Intelligent Contact Centre functionality - critical capabilities which connect people faster, improve collaboration and speed time to decision; enabling your businesses to gain a competitive edge in an environment where speed, simplicity and savings are integral to success. Other advanced applications include robust telephony features, voice messaging, IP networking, Internet access, mobility solutions and IP telephony. With an easy-to-use and highly flexible architecture, the Business Communications Manager 450 enables mid-size sites to benefit from convergence capabilities that were previously only available to much larger organizations

Key Features:
  • Simple to use, install, and maintain
  • Simultaneous support for both digital and IP telephone sets
  • Enhanced security features to keep your vital communications solution protected
  • Reliable mobility solutions allow employees to be more reachable and productive
  • Advanced features provide flexible solutions for today’s business issues and tomorrow’s challenges

(New BCM 450 Rls1.0) Business Communications Manager 450, Nortel BCM and Nortel BCM 400 R3.5, BCM 400 R3.6,BCM 400 R3.7 and BCM 400 R4.0 Nortel's flagship IP/IP Hybrid communications platform for smaller and larger businessesand for stand alone sites and larger Enterprise branch offices.

The BCM450/BCM 400 and BCM 50 Nortel BCM 450 solution is one of the most sophisticated and reliable converged voice and data solutions available for branch offices and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The nortel BCM450 is an converged communications system platform providing business communication needs to small and mid-sized businesses or branch offices with 5 - 300 digital users or 300 IP telephone users.The BCM450 integrated converged voice and data services - using traditional telephony or IP telephony, or a combination of both.

The Nortel BCM450 that delivers Nortel reliable and proven voice processing, feature-rich business telephony applications and data networking services over a single platform that is managed via a client-based (or Web-based) tool.

Nortel BCM450 Business Communications Manager450 (BCM450) has the capabilities businesses need including telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.

Nortel Business Communications Manger 450 Release 1.0 is offered in a BCM 450 platform with four bays for Media Bay Modules. Business Communications Manger will simplify configurations and eliminate the need for the Expansion Cabinet in some scenarios.

It also reduces the total cost of ownership for this configuration. When coupled with an Expansion-Cabinet, the system can grow to support a maximum of 300 digital stations or up to 300IP telephones; however, this is configuration dependent, 300 stations is the maximum capacity, with a mix of Voice over IP and digital stations.

The Nortel BCM 450 is available in a standard model or with redundant feature option model, which includes dual, hot-swappable power supply, dual chassis cooling fan and secondary hard disk drive.

A new, scalable platform that’s ideal for businesses with 30 to 250 employees

The way we do business has changed substantially over recent years. Traditional work places that relied on paper-based transactions, hardware based solutions, basic computers and networking capabilities have evolved together with globalization, distributed workforces, electronic and web transactions. Companies operate much differently now and the challenge is choosing a communications system that meets the needs of the ‘hyperconnected’ world we live in — a world in which anything that can be connected gets connected. This new paradigm will continue to accelerate, leading to more complex and diverse business environments that will demand more bandwidth, sophisticated networks, applications and services. Faced with these challenges, how can you maintain your competitive advantage and still deliver the high-quality services your customers have come to expect? The answer: Nortel’s new Business Communications Manager 450 (BCM450) — the latest addition to Nortel’s award-winning, widely deployed BCM portfolio.

A new, scalable platform that’s ideal for businesses with 30 to 250 employees meant to deliver a robust and reliable VoIP platform. Supporting both IP and traditional digital technologies simultaneously, BCM paves the way for your move from an IP-enabled to a pure IP deployment; so that you can participate in the benefits of the latest technologies while leveraging your existing investments. IP is transforming the way we do business — how we connect our employees, meet with our partners and engage our customers. Today’s increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce demands flexible and fully-integrated communication solutions. These solutions can only be delivered by a truly converged voice and data network, like the Business Communications Manager 450 (older technologies such as TDM don’t offer the same network capabilities or feature benefits).

As the foundation of a tightly integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) communications framework, the Business Communications Manager 450 has a lot to offer: several integrated, value-added business applications, an extensive telephony feature set, advanced networking, centralized configuration/ monitoring and embedded security throughout. SMBs that choose to move towards an IP platform will benefit from proven efficiencies in network operations and productivity gains fueled by better collaboration and reduced time to decision. However, above all, SMBs choosing an IP platform can expect higher customer satisfaction achieved by greater accessibility and enriched service experiences. If you are currently a Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS) customer, now is the time to make the switch to Business Communications Manager 450 and start converging your voice and data into one integrated IP communications network.

By supporting a hybrid (mixed) deployment, the Business Communications Manager 450 lets you easily transition from digital to pure IP — without a complete infrastructure overhaul. In fact, the Business Communications Manager 450 is capable of extending beyond the MICS capacity of 224 digital sets to accommodate the needs of any IP or digital mix of up to 300 users. In addition to the capital savings, by supporting the digital phones and a similar telephony feature set, with Business Communications Manager there is no incremental end-user training required. This helps make the migration to IP simple and affordable.

Two things that go hand in hand with the Business Communications Manager 450 — accelerating your business and saving you money!

The Business Communications Manager 450 offers powerful applications and features that reduce operating costs, enhance employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Let’s have a closer look at how the Business Communications Manager 450 can help increase operational efficiencies by:

• Moving to VoIP and saving up to 40 percent on wide area network costs; securely transmit voice and fax calls while avoiding long distance charges and capitalizing on advanced applications and conferencing capabilities.

• Centralizing and simplifying administration, configuration and management across your multiple sites with the Nortel Network Configuration Manager (NCM).

• Template-based sets provisioning makes it easier to program phones by reusing existing profiles across a network of Business Communications Managers, dramatically reducing your phone setup time by more than 50 percent.

• Taking advantage of the system reset function to enable system restoration to the default factory setting using a simplified reset logic.

• Consulting the comprehensive suite of technical guides, developed using the Modular Task-Based Information (MTBI) standard, when executing procedures in the operation of your Business Communications Manager.

Why choose Business Communications Manager 450?

High capacity: Supports up to 100 users with the base model — any mix — and up to 300 users with the new pluggable Capacity Expansion Card (CEC). Operability: Several significant operability enhancements build upon a solid foundation established by the Business Communications Manager 50 Release 3.0. Some of the key improvements include new capabilities for Business Element Manager that make the initial installation and ongoing management easier, new GUI-based System Reset and Reboot Optimization functions, and a comprehensive task-based Troubleshooting Guide for all operations on the Business Communications Manager system. Simplified hardware platform: New Business Communications Manager hardware components, including the Base Function Tray (BFT), Chassis Interface Board (CIB) and Capacity Expansion Card (CEC), simplify installation, connectivity and expandability.

Unified communications features: Impressive suite including Unified Messaging, Message Forwarding, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Intelligent Contact Center (ICC), Meet-Me Conferencing (MMC) and interoperability with third-party applications. Studies have shown impressive results from unified communications implementations:

> 178% return on investment
> 30% reduction in mobile costs
> 20% reduction in conferencing costs
> 18% increase productivity

Enhance employee productivity Secure remote Internet access and VoIP, and enhanced ‘near the office’ mobility enable users to stay in touch anytime they’re away from their desks.

Increase revenues and business
Take advantage of optional Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) and self-service voice menu applications (i.e., automated attendant) that make it easier and more enjoyable for customers to do business with you. Whether a virtual or dedicated contact center, ICC allows professional, efficient call handling to enable your business. Skills-based routing, for example, sends callers promptly to the agent most qualified to help them.

Business Communications Manager 450: Get ready for flexibility and scalability
The Business Communications Manager 450 base offering provides ample capacity to meet the growth requirements of most small and medium-sized businesses. By adding the Capacity Expansion Card (CEC), the Business Communications Manager 450 expands up to 300 users with trunk capacity and interfaces to effectively support a variety of applications and global networking demands. The number of conferencing ports also scales in line with the maximum supported users. What does this mean for your organization? A simple and flexible solution that scales as your business needs grow.

Business Communications Manager provides access to key features of unified communications
Business Communications Manager provides a highly-effective platform for customers seeking cost-effective unified
communications solutions. Applications such as:

Unified Messaging Business Communications Manager 450 consolidates voice, fax and email messages onto users’ PCs, laptops or PDAs, and manages them through one standard application such as Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes. This means that important messages are sent and received regardless of terminal or device — a real timesaver and productivity booster.

Message Forwarding
Message Forwarding3 adds yet another powerful unified communications capability to the Business Communications Manager, enabling employees to stay connected to customers and each other while on the move. With Message Forwarding, text emails are forwarded to another desktop or mobile device when a voice or fax message arrives in a subscriber’s voice mailbox. There is also an option to attach a compressed WAV file to the forwarded email, so the user can play the voice message or display the fax message on the destination device. It’s flexible to use with a wide variety of email clients and PDAs. It removes unnecessary long distance charges when retrieving messages. Most of all, it’s simple to install, use and maintain with no add-on client software or firmware required. This feature can be activated with the existing BCM Unified Messaging authorization codes.

Meet-Me Conferencing
Reduce your conferencing expenses by 30 percent with Meet-Me Conferencing, eliminating the need for external services. 4 Parties can establish a teleconference for up to 120 total participants using the CEC, with 60 simultaneous participants on one conference, by calling into a specified telephone number and extension at an agreed-upon time. The application includes a rich set of user controls, enabling the “chairperson” to start, stop, secure and control the conference. This makes it ideal for larger conferences, specifically those involving outside suppliers or customers.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Simple to activate, set up and manage, CTI enables you to use third-party PCbased applications to control telephone services such as a click-to-call company directory or automatic screen “pops” with customer information when they call. Intelligent Contact Center (ICC)

Through integrated Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) capabilities, you can increase customer satisfaction and business productivity by directing clients to the right person at the right time quickly. By default, when activated, the ICC has two agents and one skill set; however, you can then order any combination of agents and skill sets as well as advanced reporting and multimedia applications for maximum customization and flexibility.

Big-business applications — without a big price tag
The Business Communications Manager 450 comes with hundreds of telephony features and a full suite of integrated applications pre-loaded “in the box”— and as your business needs evolve, you can easily activate more capabilities without having to purchase additional expensive hardware. Rich multimedia applications can be activated to voice and chat-enable a website. These features are all orderable via simple software keycodes and do not require extra hardware.

Ad-hoc Conferencing
Now it’s easy to get the team together for a meeting at the spur of the moment, regardless of where they’re located. Simply and efficiently initiate a teleconference call with up to 120 total participants using the CEC, with 60 simultaneous participants on one conference, without the need for a conference operator or service.

Automated Attendant
This always-on-duty “administrative assistant” answers calls to your business with your personalized greetings and menu options, and routes calls to the right people, departments or voice mailboxes, delivering much greater efficiency and more satisfied customers.

Activity Reporter
Business Communications Manager 450’s flexible reporting enables you to better understand and optimize your call flows, for improved customer service, increased employee productivity and cost savings. The basic version Activity Reporter is an on-box reporting system that provides reports on Business Communications Manager telephony data metrics (e.g., Call Accounting, Auto Attendant Call Routing and Voicemail). The full version is an off-box system offering more advanced reporting capabilities and greater flexibility, enabling you to organize information the way you want.

Advanced Paging Productivity (APP) Pack
APP Pack5 is a suite of advanced applications that can increase employee productivity, improve customer service and streamline business processes— almost anywhere paging and text messaging are used. APP Pack works with IP and digital stations and includes features such as One Button Paging, One Button Text Messaging and Scheduled Announcements.

Buy what you need today.
Easily expand to what you need tomorrow.

Pick and choose the features you want. Since all features and applications are pre-loaded onto the Business Communications Manager 450 system, these too can be easily activated through the use of a simple keycode. If you’re not sure which applications are right for your business, Nortel makes it easy to decide by offering a 60-day free trial for most applications.

Upgrade without an overhaul
Through standards and an “evergreen” development strategy, Business Communications Manager 450 fits well in hybrid environments that contain a mix of analog, digital, IP and wireless services. And since the platform interworks with other Nortel key/PBX systems, larger Business Communications Manager systems and Nortel’s portfolio of convergence call servers, you have the flexibility to evolve your network — wherever the future leads you.

Easy to install.
Easy to manage.

Simplify system administration with integrated management tools. Through a built-in, intuitive software management application, you can monitor and program the entire system, including its many capabilities. You won’t need a PC or IP connection to manage Business Communications Manager 450 because most functions can be programmed through any connected telephone set.

Easily manage large, distributed networks

If your network includes multiple systems, including Business Communications Manager 50, 200, 400 and 450 solutions, you can manage each of these platforms from a central location. Nortel Network Configuration Manager helps you create and maintain a centralized database of configurations for up to 2,000 systems. This makes it fast and easy to bring new systems online, back-up and restore information— whether you need to manage a small or large network.

Take advantage of centralized applications
You can further streamline administration by centralizing applications for messaging and management, and distributing these capabilities over your IP network. In addition to cost savings, your business also benefits from global administration and a consistent interface and user experience across the network. Nortel’s data portfolio Combining the Business Communications Manager 450 with Nortel’s impressive data portfolio of Ethernet Switches (Business Ethernet Switch 1020 or Ethernet Routing Switch 2500), Wireless LAN Access Points (Business Access Point 120) and Secure/VPN Routers (Secure Router 1004 and VPN Router 1750) results in a completely converged solution. Nortel’s data portfolio is a standards-based, certified test and proven product suite that delivers high-speed data transfer, secure Internet access, VPN connectivity, VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities.

Support for a broad range of phones
Nortel has some of the most advanced IP and digital phones in the market, and continues to evolve and expand its portfolio, most recently with the new IP Phone 1200 Series. We also offer industry-leading feature integration across these sets. Unlike many competitors who rely exclusively on third-party products, have limited selection and/or capabilities, or do not support the same phones on all platforms, Nortel takes a more strategic, longer-term approach in serving customer needs.

Affordable, converged voice and data communications

When it comes to your communications needs, count on Nortel. We’ve been delivering telephony and data systems to service providers and enterprises for decades — the company that pioneered the digital revolution, reinvented business networking in the Internet Age, and leads the market in small and medium business telephony today.

The Business Communications Manager Release 4.0 (BCM 4.0) is the next major software release for the BCM200 and BCM400 systems as well as the installed base of BCM1000 systems. It provides an improved installation / operational cost model and is built upon a linux operating system, aligning these products with the BCM50 product. The BCM 4.0 release also brings enhanced VoIP and application capabilities as well as the addition of ad-hoc conferencing to the BCM

Nortel Business Communication Manager 4.0

Nortel BCM 4.0. Business Communications Manger BCM delivers small/medium-sized businesses and branch offices the only converged voice/data solution in the industry, providing a choice of IP-enabled or pure VoIP strategy.

Nortel BCM leveraging existing Meridian, Norstar, and Succession 1000 investments, Business Communications Manager has the capabilities businesses need including telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.

Business Communications Manager 400 is an all-in-one platform providing business communication needs to small and mid-sized businesses or branch offices with 30 - 200 digital users or 90 IP telephone users. It delivers complete, integrated converged voice and data services - using traditional telephony or IP telephony, or a combination of both. Business Communications Manager 400 has the capabilities businesses need including telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.

Looking to buy a IP Phone System?
Local Installation of Nortel BCM450 IP phone system (Nortel BCM, BCM50, BCM400, including User training and system admin and BCM 400 system Patches and BCM 450, BCM50, and BCM 400 software upgrades are available In the GTA and the surrounding area and across Canada and the US from

Buy from a trusted NORTEL Authorized Partner Detailed Description and product outline Nortel BCM 450 VoIP Business phone system for businesses of all types and sizes Contact us 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588

BCM450 and Unified Communications
As a key part of Nortel’s unified communications offering for SMBs, BCM450 brings communications from many sources into a single, easy to access realm. BCM’s Unified Messaging solutions bring together voice messaging, email and FAX into a single unified mailbox. To learn more about BCM 450 contact us.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

BCM 450 Technical Specifications

Features and Benefits

What is BCM 450?

BCM 450


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