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BayStack 5510 Switches

Part of Nortel Networks BayStack 5000 Series, BayStack 5510 Switches are next-generation stackable 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Layer 3 routing switches. Designed to provide affordable, high-density Gigabit desktop connectivity to mid-size and large enterprise customers’ wiring closets, BayStack 5510 Switches offer greater performance, security, resiliency, and more IP services to the network edge while maintaining low capital and operational expenses. Available in two models—BayStack 5510-48T Switch with 48 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports and BayStack 5510-24T Switch with 24 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports—both feature two built-in SFP (small form factor) GBIC ports for uplink and two built-in stacking ports.

Key features and benefits
• High-density Gigabit desktop connectivity—Up to eight switches can be stacked to achieve up to 384 10/100/1000 ports in a stack.

• Innovative FAST stack design— FAST (Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology) stack design allows for simultaneous bi-directional traffic flow on each stacking port, resulting in up to 640 Gbps stacking bandwidth for the stack—the highest stacking bandwidth in the industry today. Faster traffic flow across the stack provides support for bandwidth- intensive applications.

• High-performance switch fabric of 160 Gbps—Wire-speed performance. No dropped packets. Helps future-proof.

• Compact form factor—One-rack unit high design allows a stack to support up to 384 10/100/1000 ports in 8RU space. Saves premium space in the wiring closet.

• Layer 3 routing†– Allows hardwarebased Layer 3 routing at wire-speed and across the stack. Helps future-proof the network.

• Single software image—BoSS (BayStack operating system Switching Software) allows BayStack 5510-48T, BayStack 5510-24T, and future BayStack 5510 Switches to stack together. Simplifies software upgrades.

• Auto stack configuration—Allows for easy addition and deletion of a switch to the stack without service interruption. Lowers deployment time.

• Unit replacement feature—Allows for retrieval of the failed switch’s configuration from a server on to the new switch.

Easier configuration
• Higher uplink capacity—Allows the use of 16 GBIC ports for uplink in a full stack. Faster data flow between the stack and the core.

• Resilient connectivity for minimal network downtime—Distributed Multi-Link Trunking (DMLT) and Split Multi- Link Trunking (SMLT) features allow multiple active connections to the network core for fail-safe connectivity to mission-critical servers and the network center. Assures network uptime. Doubles the bandwidth to the core.

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