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Media Gateway

Nortel’s Media Gateway portfolio provides trunk and access gateways for the global market. The portfolio includes gateways for IP or ATM applications, high density to low density applications, and interfaces built to accepted industry standards.

Portfolio Products

  • Media Gateway 3200 Trunk Gateway
    The Nortel Media Gateway 3200 is a digital trunk gateway connecting 1 to 16 E1 or T1 spans (480 E1 voice channels or 384 T1 voice channels) from the PSTN or a PBX to a packet network

  • Media Gateway 3500 Trunk Gateway
    The Nortel Media Gateway 3500 is a digital trunk gateway connecting up to 96 E1 or T1 spans (2,880 E1 voice channels or 2,304 T1 voice channels) from the PSTN or a PBX to a packet network.

  • Media Gateway 3600
    A medium density, carrier-grade VoIP trunk media gateway that maximizes service offerings TDM networks to next-generation packet networks in line with IMS and IP standards.

  • Media Gateway 4000
    Nortel's Media Gateway 4000 spans TDM and ATM domains by accepting TDM trunk signaling and translating the output into ATM formats.

  • Media Gateway 7400/15000
    Media Gateway 7400/15000 utilizes both ATM and IP protocols to enable wireline and wireless service providers to migrate existing TDM voice trunking networks to a packet-based infrastructure and deliver packetized voice and data services from existing platforms.

  • Media Gateway 9000
    The Media Gateway 9000 is a fully integrated, next-generation access product that connects line interfaces to an ATM or IP packet backbone for delivery of switched and non-switched services.
Features & Benefits


Carrier Grade Reliability—All Gateways have been designed to provide mission critical services 24/7.

Standard Call Control Protocol—All gateways are managed by standard H.248 call control protocol.

Standard Trunk Interfaces—The trunk gateways provide a range of support including DS-1/E1, DS-3/E3, and OC3/STM-1.

Standard Trunk Protocols—ANSI/ETSI ISUP, ANSI/ETSI PRI, MF trunk variants

Standard Network Interfaces—Core network interfaces include interfaces include Gigabit Ethernet, OC-12/STM-4, OC-3/STM-1, down to DS-1 IMA.

Subscriber Services— POTS, DSL (ADSL2+, VDSL, SHDSL), Centrex, Coin, Ground Start and Meridian Sets.  The MG 9000 also provides Emergency Stand Alone (ESA) for up to 50,000 subscriber lines.

Geographic Reach—Gateways can be located up to 1400 fiber miles from the Communication Server.


Multiservice support—With the MG 15000/7400, service providers have a single platform for delivery of all the types of services simultaneously, yielding operational simplicity and reducing cost of ownership.

Bandwidth Efficiency—The media gateways provide voice applications with IP and ATM for PSTN quality voice service.

Flexible Deployment Options—The media gateways can be located in the same site as the Communication Server or can be located remotely.  Some Media Gateways can be located in the customer premise if required.  The MG 9000 can also be deployed as a remote in an environmentally controlled unit.

Wide Range Of Line Side Services—The feature-rich Media Gateway 9000 supports a long list of broadband and narrowband services simultaneously, including key DMS-100 and DMS-500 line services. As an integrated access platform, this gateway integrates seamlessly into existing networks, supporting such subscriber-side interfaces and revenue generating services as:

  • High-density (32 ports per card) narrowband services such as POTS, Custom Calling, and Custom Local Area Signaling Services (CLASS) services
  • Traditional line types such as Nortel Networks Centrex, Coin, ground start, and Meridian Business Set
  • Structured/unstructured DS-1, fractional DS-1, and DS-1 grooming for Circuit Emulation Services, used for private leased lines over ATM networks
  • POTS + Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) options, including ADSL (full-rate Discrete Multi-Tone) with no requirements for splitters or DSLAM equipment for an ever-changing future
  • BASG 7500/7600 Series Mini-DSLAM Series integrates with the Media Gateway 9000 to deliver unparalleled DSL that grow from 32 to 224 DSL ports
If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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