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The Norstar Family
Norstar's powerful solutions support your business goals so that you can focus on your business, not your network.

Whether you are a standalone business office, multi-site business, franchise, branch office, or department within a larger organization, your business relies on your phone system to perform every time you pick up the receiver or press a key. You need a simple-to-use telephone system with practical, scalable features that does not require costly end-user training to be effective. You need a cost effective system to fit your budget today, with the capacity and scalable applications to secure that competitive edge as you grow. Norstar* Integrated Communications Systems offer end-to-end solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices to enable you to focus on your bottom line—your business. Norstar’s powerful solutions support your business goals
so that you can focus on your business, not your network.

Norstar Integrated Communications Systems: Providing superior reliability for your communications

Every Norstar solution begins with an Integrated Communications System (ICS). This fully digital platform brings together all your communications—voice mail, e-mail, computer, and telephone— right at your desktop. The communication needs and size of your business will help determine the best system for your company. Whatever system you choose, every Norstar ICS offers these important advantages:

• High bandwidth to the desktop lets you use applications like ISDN and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) without changing your existing wiring.

• VoIP Telephony enables trunk-side IP connectivity for Norstar by providing multi-site companies with direct interoffice voice and fax traffic over an IP network.

• Modular, scalable design lets you choose the system that fits your needs today, while planning for the future.

• Digital technology creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications.

• Outstanding quality makes Norstar one of the most durable and reliable voice solutions available, delivering one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.

For example, the compact ICS has a tested mean time between failure (MTBF) rate of 100 years. Norstar 3x8 Integrated Communications System (ICS) Simple, yet sophisticated, this unit was designed specifically for small businesses and supports:

• Up to 3 CO lines and 8 telephone extensions

• Voice mail, automated attendant, and telephone support

• All Business Series Terminals, including fully-featured digital functions with LCD and soft keys

Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System (ICS)

A flexible building-block design expands with your business easily and cost effectively:
• Grows from a 4x8 to an 8x24 capacity

• Supports voice mail, unified messaging, automated attendant, telephones, basic call center, and CTI

• Allows you to easily add enhancements as your business needs change

• Supports all Business Series Terminals

• Supports Norstar VoIP Gateway for IP Telephony

Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) Designed to be both flexible and scalable, there is ample room to expand the software and hardware capacity of the Norstar Modular ICS supporting:
• Up to248 ports in various configurations

• Advanced integrated applications: voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, and enhanced call centers

• Software and system expansion modules that let you grow as your business needs change

• All Business Series Terminals

• Supports Norstar VoIP Gateway for IP Telephony

Intelligent business platforms Business Series Terminals:

Helping to increase your business productivity
To end users, the telephones are the system. Your telephone is the most critical interface to your business productivity. Internal communications, customer services, and business-to-business activities—they are your lifeline to business communications. Nortel Networks understands that the user’s perception of the telephone and the manner in which it delivers services are the benchmark by which a voice system is measured. Norstar offers a wide range of user-friendly Business Series Terminals, to fit any need in your business —from the front desk to the conference room, and anywhere in between.

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)/ Visual Ringing Lamp (VRL) – All T7100, T7208, and T7316E telephones are complete with an intelligent red LED to keep you aware of incoming messages with a single glance. Four unique patterns include: fast flash—phone is ringing, on another call, or you’re away from your desk; slow flash—call on hold; solid pattern—message waiting; blank— phone is idle.

Call Log – You can easily find out exactly who has called while you were away from your desk. The Call Log leverages Calling Line Identification (CLID) services to show a record of incoming call information— including date and time of calls as well as number of repeated attempts. Also available on the T7100, T7208, T7316E, and T7406.

Soft Keys – Communications are further simplified by three soft keys on the T7316E that let you select the appropriate action with just one touch of a key—without the need to remember cumbersome commands.

Feature Button – Just press this button to quickly program or use one of the many features on the Norstar and Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (an integrated voice and data solution) voice platforms.

Release Button
– No need to lift and replace the handset to hang up after a hands-free call—just press the Release button.

Built-in Speaker – High-quality audio enables hands-free conversation, background music, group listening, and paging announcements. A crisp speaker saves your neck and ear during long calls and avoids any conversation distortion.

Mute Button – You can use the Mute button to listen without being heard.

LCD Window – The Business Series Terminals have an LCD display that walks you through Norstar and Business Communications Manager features stepby- step so you can easily transfer calls, establish conference calls, respond to messages, and leverage network and application services. The LCD display will identify the person calling before you answer if you subscribe to CLID services from your voice services provider. The LCD display allows you easy access to advanced applications—such as Voice Mail, Fax Messaging, and Dial-by-Name—without the need for studying instruction manuals. And to make viewing even easier, the T7100, T7208, and T7316E telephones feature fully adjustable tilt LCD windows.

Memory Buttons – Need quick access to the numbers of your most important customers? You can easily program frequently used numbers for one-touch dialing. You can also program the memory buttons for quick access to system features or network services. The choice is yours— customize the phone for the way you work.

Volume Control Bar – You can easily and quickly adjust the ringer, handset, headset, or speaker volume by merely tapping the volume control bar to accommodate soft-spoken customers or to hear an important incoming call when you step away from your desk.

Integrated Busy Lamp Field/Direct Station Select (BLF/DSS) – The T7316E provides integrated BLF/DSS capability for one-button access to any combination of features, internal autodials, and external autodials. You can easily customize each phone to meet the needs of each user. For example, if you meet frequently with customers in your office, you can program a button for “Do Not Disturb” and avoid interruptions by merely pressing a button.

Hold – A simple touch of a button places callers on hold—with tones or music to assure them that they have not been disconnected. External calls on hold play periodic reminder tones, and Exclusive Hold—available as a simple feature code— prevents co-workers from inadvertently picking up your call from their sets.

Hands-free Button – With one-touch, handsfree operation, you can place or answer calls without picking up the handset.

T7316E + T24 Central Answering Position – The T24 Key Indicator Module (KIM) is a 24-button module that attaches directly to the T7316E; together they form the Business Series Terminal (BST) Central Answering Position (CAP). This modular approach is extremely flexible and allows for easy configuration and expansion. Once in place, the BST CAP transforms the pace and efficiency of business by centralizing and efficiently distributing calls. Typical users include contact center supervisors,
office administrators, and central answering positions.

Intelligent application tools Integrated applications:

Building power to increase your competitive advantage
With scalable integrated applications, you and your employees can get more work done in less time by managing all communications from one location, and you can save money on long-distance charges by using your own network for voice and fax messaging. You will quickly notice the increased productivity, and your customers will notice the increased responsiveness, too.

CallPilot 100/150 Desktop Messaging

Deliver voice and e-mail messages to your computer screen so you can manage all your communications from one location. The CallPilot 150 messaging system delivers advanced messaging applications to businesses with 32 to 300 users, while the
CallPilot 100 addresses the messaging needs of businesses with 10 to 40 mailbox users.

Norstar Digital Networking
Take advantage of the LAN/WAN your business already has in place—supporting Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) makes it easier for remote messaging systems to work together—even if they are from different manufacturers. Digital Networking lets you send voice mail messages as data over your data network rather than the telephone network— reducing long-distance charges. It also reduces network usage by letting you send a single message simultaneously to more than one recipient.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Bring the power of your most-used business tools together—your computer and your telephone—so you can manage all your communications right from your desktop. You can get, use, move, and access information faster than ever before. CTI is changing the way business works by significantly reducing repetitive tasks so your employees will work smarter, while reducing 800/888 line charges by handling customer calls more quickly.

• Screen Pops give you instant access to customer information on your computer before you answer the call.

• Calling Line ID is a powerful feature when combined with instant access to customer information and advanced call routing capabilities. Customer service representatives can add new information and send this customer data along with the call when it’s necessary to transfer it to a specialist for further assistance.

• Call Routing efficiently routes customer calls—based on the time of day, departmental activity, or your own criteria—for faster service, fewer calls transferred, and happier customers.

Norstar Private Networking

Now small to medium-sized business offices can cost-effectively deliver the advantages of shared applications to branch and remote offices, while providing seamless access to applications from the server at the main office, without having to purchase external systems. For example, you can set up a centralized voice mail attendant at the main office that can forward messages and calls between the branch offices and the main site via a shared applications server. This is completely transparent to your customers, who won’t know if they are talking with a branch office or the headquarters location. You will save money because you will not have to purchase external systems and your network management will be simplified. Norstar-to-Meridian 1* and Norstar-to-Norstar Private Networking is available on the Norstar Modular ICS 6.1 release, as is support for Norstar-to-Norstar and Norstar-to-Meridian systems via PRI links to the single sites.

Norstar VoIP Gateway

Norstar VoIP Gateway enables trunk-side IP connectivity for Norstar by providing multi-site companies with direct interoffice
voice and fax traffic over an IP network. It also provides interoperability with other Norstar systems and other Nortel Networks IP Telephony solutions, such as Business Communications Manager, Succession* 1000M, and Succession 1000. And, because the Norstar VoIP Gateway is interoperable with other Nortel systems, you have a solution that enables seamless interworking. The Norstar VoIP Gateway provides a cost-effective IP enablement for current Norstar customers and is fully compatible with software releases of MICS and CICS Norstar systems. The VoIP Gateway supports quality voice, through QoS, voice compression, echo cancellation, and buffers. It also supports common dialing plan and trunk CLID between Nortel Networks solution sites (Norstar, Business Communications Manager, Succession 1000M, and Succession 1000).

Call centers
Customers appreciate reaching the appropriate person quickly to address their needs, and customer call retention is crucial to your company’s success. Norstar makes call center capabilities realistic and cost-effective.

Norstar Prelude Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Norstar Prelude ACD, which is supported by Norstar Modular ICS, is designed for businesses with as many as 15 active telephone service representatives and from 5 to 30 incoming telephone lines. To help improve how your business handles inbound calls, this versatile application offers:

• Digital voice announcements played to callers on hold
• Call overflow and other advanced call routing features
• 17 in-depth management reports on agent, group, and system performance
• “Longest idle” call distribution
• Real-time group and system status displays

Norstar Modular ICS
When your business grows beyond the capacity of Norstar Prelude ACD, upgrading to the Norstar Cinphony ACD is a quick
and easy installation of new software.

Norstar Cinphony Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Norstar Cinphony ACD, which is supported by Norstar Modular ICS, offers additional capacity and supervisor functions to meet the needs of growing businesses. Cinphony ACD is available with two different capacity levels: Level I supports up to 30 active representatives and 80 phone lines; Level II supports up to 80 active representatives and 120 phone lines. In addition to all of the features of Prelude, Cinphony provides an impressive array of powerful call center capabilities, including:
• Intelligent call routing
• Priority queuing for callers
• Export of ACD information to other popular software tools for customized reporting
• Supervisor tools, such as information displays on the Norstar telephones, help requests from employees, and silent monitoring
• Provides 17 in-depth management reports

Norstar CallPilot Call Center Basic
Norstar Call Center Basic, which is supported by Norstar Modular ICS and Compact ICS, offers small businesses a cost-effective call center application to drive exceptional customer and increased revenue opportunities.

• Optional key code activation on CallPilot 100
• Comes equipped on CallPilot 150
• Enables 2 queues and 10 active agents
• Call Center Reporting is also available via key code activation
• Call Center Basic can be used on a ‘Try and Buy” basis with CallPilot 100

The Power of Norstar
When you’re searching for a business communications system, there’s one name that appears time and time again—Norstar, from Nortel Networks. In fact, more people buy Norstar than any other voice solution in the world. Today, you’ll find Norstar telephones on the desks of more than 15 million people, in more than 80 countries around the globe, making Norstar the #1 voice solution in the world. And in 2001, Norstar achieved the ranking of #1 phone system in North America† as well. That’s because Norstar offers the advantage of sophisticated features that are easy to use and give businesses the flexibility to handle future growth and new services, too. Plus, Norstar offers outstanding quality, with one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry. Now that’s value that lasts!

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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