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Meridian 1 Option 11C:

Your business demands the best of both worlds.

Networks that work... and inter-work.

Designed for single and multi-site businesses with 30 to 700 lines, the Meridian 1 Option 11C is small enough to be easily mounted on a wall, while supporting the same features and technology as the larger Meridian 1 systems. Option 11C delivers unified messaging, Call Center solutions, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solutions, inbuilding wireless, and unified management, plus all the leading-edge telephony features that power business today. The Option 11C platform, including the versatile Option 11C Mini, lets you tailor your system to perfectly meet your business needs. The Mini supports the same software, features, and functions, yet it’s even smaller, mounting easily on a wall, desktop, or 19" rack. Supporting 20 to 80 lines, the Mini is ideal for a small business. It can also function as a remote linked to a Meridian 1 or Option 11C. The Option 11C and Mini can be combined in any configuration, allowing you to add capacity and new capabilities as you need them.

Our customers tell us that the Meridian 1 Option 11C gives them peace of mind. Why? Because it offers the unexcelled telephony that made Nortel Networks a world telecommunications leader, plus all of the cutting-edge applications and IP capabilities any business could want. Most importantly, the Option 11C can combine these networks separately or together to match your business needs. In short, with the Meridian 1 Option 11C, you get the best of both worlds.


Reliable, flexible, easy to use and manage.
When it was first introduced in 1991, the Option 11C was designed to be modular, flexible, and easy to install and use. It was crafted to deliver all the functionality, rich application support, and reliability of the larger Meridian 1, but in a smaller package. It has always used the same software, peripheral cards, desktop sets and offered the same applications. Since then, the Option 11C has grown and changed with the times. Now you can download software over the Internet, get a host of IP and remote capabilities, and reduce operating costs using the latest Meridian integrated applications, such as Meridian Integrated Recorded Announcement, Meridian Integrated Personal Call Director, and Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge.

The ease of managing the Option 11C is simply amazing. Our Optivity Telephony Manager (OTM) is a PC-based administration tool that lets you perform telephone adds, moves, changes, traffic analysis, reporting and more with pointand-click simplicity. The OTM supports open standards such as LDAP and SNMP. Telephone programming is as easy as clicking on specific graphics. And web based help files offer simple instructions on how to use the phones and features. The OTM is the leading desktop tool for managing both voice and data networks, including the Meridian 1. It’s true that Option 11 C capabilities have expanded dramatically. And as these upgrades took place, our customers were able to stay current—while retaining more than 90 percent of their initial investment. Today, the Option 11C is widely regarded an industry best in class. It boasts a mean time between failure rate measured in decades. When we say that it’s 99.999 percent reliable, we have the track record to prove it.
Meridian 1 Option 11C: Your business demands the best of both worlds.

Get the competitive advantage of unified messaging. What if you could double your output with significantly less effort? With the Option 11C, you can do just that using CallPilot unified messaging. CallPilot combines voicemail, faxes, and e-mail on a single, powerful, easy-to-use messaging system. Imagine the sheer speed of being able to:

Create and send voice messages to one or many people.
Add a voice message attachment to a fax or e-mail.
Send and receive different message types from either a PC or a telephone.
Access all messages handsfree using simple voice commands.

In short, CallPilot lets you manage all your communications instantly from a single centralized mailbox. It’s easy to use: All your incoming and outgoing voice messages, faxes, and e-mails are listed on your computer screen. You can see at a glance the type of messages you’ve received, who sent them, and when each one arrived. You can access, answer, forward, or save any type of message, in any order, at the touch of your mouse button.

On the road? Not a problem. Call in and access any type of message just by speaking “play,” “save,” “forward,” or “delete.” CallPilot lets you manage your voice, fax, and e-mail messages from virtually anywhere with lightning-fast efficiency.

If you are looking for a traditional voice mail solution, the Option 11C offers Meridian Mail. Meridian Mail voice menus guide the calls coming into your office, directing callers effortlessly to the appropriate person or department. The menus can be simple—such as prompts for an extension number—or more sophisticated, allowing callers to check account balances, place orders, or obtain your company address and hours of operation. And since Meridian Mail is fully integrated with the Option 11C and Mini, there’s just a single user interface to manage.

In-Building Wireless
Away from your desk a lot? Stay in touch with the Meridian Companion. It’s a wireless mobility solution that gives you all the functionality of your desk telephone in a lightweight, pocket-sized portable. Fully integrated with the Option 11C, it lets you go anywhere in your building and answer the phone with crystal clear voice quality—as if you were at your desk.

Meridian Digital Telephones

Our new M3900 digital phones are easy to use, with snap-in adapters and self-labeling keys. The large display offers both internal and external Caller ID information and prompts that guide users through each feature. All Meridian digital phones work alike, including our USB, IP, and softclient phones—so, if you can use one Meridian phone, you can use them all. No extra training required.

Give your Call Center the last word in customer service.
If your business relies heavily on telephone inquiries, order taking, and collections, the Option 11C supports Nortel Networks Automatic Call Distribution and Symposium Call Center solutions, call-handling software that lets you offer unsurpassed customer service. These advanced and networked call center services offer skills-based routing, multiple queuing assignments, and geographically distributed agents for 24/7 operation. Easy Graphical User Interface management and reporting gives you an indepth analysis of your call center’s operational efficiency, traffic, and revenue generating capabilities. Symposium Call Center is a full-powered, state-of-the-art, server-based, flexible, scalable solution offering the best in customer relationship management.

IP Solutions on demand.
The Meridian 1 Option 11C is fully IPenabled. That means you can get virtually any IP application you need to power your business. You can get server-based IP applications that can be integrated with your existing network, such as CallPilot, Symposium Call Center, and Optivity Telephony Manager. And you can get the newest IP solutions designed to save money and keep you connected. With the Option 11C, you can add Internet Telephony Gateways that let you place voice calls over IP on your company’s in-building LAN, or route calls over IP to remote offices. For small remote offices, Option 11C or 11C Mini systems can use the Remote Office 9150, which can seamlessly extend all host features and applications to remote users of Meridian digital telephones over IP and/or circutswitched connections. The newest IP solution for the Option 11C and Mini is our IP Expansion Option. It’s the easiest way to migrate your users safely and gradually to voice-over IP, using your managed LAN. It increases your trunking capacity and allows your Option 11C or Mini to operate as a standalone unit. Power outage at your main location? No problem. This remote system carries on alone. Why? Because it has its own small system controller, so all voice and data communications continue uninterrupted. Best of all, you can add these IP solutions easily, whenever you need them. With the Meridian 1 Option 11C, it’s good to know that as technology moves toward sophisticated IP solutions, you can safely move with them.

The network that grows with you — year after year.
The Meridian 1 Option 11C is a classic example of the Nortel Networks evergreen-by-design philosophy. With the Option 11C, you can budget your investment to gradually grow your network in any direction. The powerful and flexible Option 11C allows you to blend circuit and packet-switched networks together for certain jobs and keep them separate for others. Ultimately, you’ll be able to move to the all-IP network of the future, but at your pace, as it makes sense for your business.

Technical Specifications

Main Cabinet/Expansion Cabinet

Physical Dimensions: (H) 25 inches x (W) 22 inches x (D) 12 inches; [(H) 63.5 cm x (W) 55.9 cm x (D) 30.5 cm)]

  • Up to five wall-mountable cabinets or 1 cabinet, 8 chassis are allowable per system (1 cabinet = 2 chassis)


  • Empty: 26 lb. (12 kg)
  • Full: 70 lb. (31.7 k
If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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