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Product Brief
Nortel IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC Meeting the needs of the mobile workplace

The Internet has created a real-time economy with companies of all sizes conducting business anywhere in the world. The need to remain in touch is, more then ever, driving the requirement for a flexible, portable and user-friendly communication solution. In a world where decisions are made instantaneously, the Nortel IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC brings flexibility and mobility, which can help drive business success. Employees can boost their personal productivity whether they are part-time or full-time teleworkers, road warriors or remote contact center agents. With the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, businesses benefit from a powerful Voice over IP (VoIP) software application that is fully integrated with the Nortel IP Telephony strategy. By leveraging Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Nortel VPN Client software, which supports the IPSec security standard on a remote Microsoft Windows PC, employees can communicate with confidence over secure broadband Internet connections while at home or on the road. The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC is also very cost-effective, enabling businesses to reduce telephone operating expenses by routing voice communications over the corporate IP network.

A full mobile solution
With the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, teleworkers and road warriors have the flexibility to establish a virtual office anywhere and at any time. For employees who travel or who work from home, using the IP Softphone 2050 starts by connecting their Windows-based PC to the company corporate network using a broadband connection. The employee's communication profile, including their extension, programmed line/feature keys and preferences settings, is then immediately available using the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, no matter where they are located in the world! In addition, multiple employees can share the same PC when traveling, with access to their personalized settings when using the softphone. Once connected to the corporate network, employees are able to address their voice communication needs as if they were at their corporate office. The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC and the employee's Nortel desktop IP Phone can ring concurrently1, upon receipt of an incoming call or show as off-hook status when making an outbound call. This enhances employee flexibility and personal productivity. Easy to use and deploy The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC delivers powerful functionality with a wide array of easy-to-use business telephony features. It comes standard with a choice of simple graphical user interfaces. Telephony feature interaction is common to the Nortel IP Phone 1140E and IP Phone 2004 desksets, making the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC less costly to deploy, as employees familiar with these Nortel desksets can begin using the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC very quickly.
The PC becomes a full-featured IP Phone
With the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, users have the convenience of a single device to address both their data communication and their business telephony needs. Business telephony features are delivered from the extensive suite available through Nortel communication Servers such as Communication Server 1000 and Business Communications Manager. The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC also delivers on scalability. The softphone integrates six self-programmable line/feature keys around its display when deployed on Nortel Business Communications Manager and up to twelve programmable line/feature keys when deployed with Nortel Communication Server 1000 using its shift feature. This matches the scalability offered by Nortel IP Phone 1140E and IP Phone 2004 desksets on these servers today. Employees can self-program these keys, enabling single-click access to call colleagues or access services that they use frequently. Importing contacts from Microsoft Outlook and other LDAP-based directories into its own personal directory is supported with the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC. Once a contact is imported, calls can be placed by simply typing a name to search the personal directory or by clicking on the contact name within their personal directory listing. Entries can be modified, deleted or added within personal contact lists as well. In addition, the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC supports a macro function. With a macro, users can define a setup string for quick and easy dialing or log-in access. Examples where this can be useful include accessing voicemail systems with lengthy password strings and for users who make calls internationally on a frequent basis.
Convenience for contact center agents

For contact centers, where there is a PC at every desktop, the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC can be seamlessly integrated into their converged IP network. As a result, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) environments and contact centers can eliminate the need for agents to deploy desktop telephones should they wish. Using the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, businesses also benefit as agents can be located anywhere, offering more cost effective and transparent 24x7 support to customers. For agents working remotely, such as at home, the IP Softphone 2050 supports Algo Solutions 4900 USB Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA). With the 4900 USB ATA, T.38 fax transmissions, routed through the VPN connection of the IP Softphone 2050, enable homebased agents to add the flexibility of fax-based communications, thus expanding the level of service and flexibility they can offer their customers. Remote agents can also leverage the ATA's support of standard cordless telephones, remaining engaged while mobile within their home. Finally, for contact centers or other enterprises who wish to record voice interactions for compliance, risk-reduction or agent training and monitoring, the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC supports both personalized3 and centralized IP Call Recording. Centralized IP Call Recording is supported by Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring which can be used to improve agent productivity and ensure quality interaction with customers. With the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, an agent's PC can now evolve into a converged communications center, supporting a robust suite of business telephony communications capabilities to meet the needs of more call-intensive environments.

Cost benefits with enhanced productivity

The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC provides a flexible and cost-effective communication solution. For users remote to the campus, the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC uses a standard broadband link, such as DSL or cable, to connect back to the corporate network. This enables IT staff to provide a single, cost-effective converged voice and data solution for part-time and full-time teleworkers and road warriors. In addition, with the ability to support multiple appearance ringing, users of selected models of Nortel IP desksets and the IP Softphone 2050 can leverage either solution interchangeably, thereby boosting not only their personal productivity but also their convenience.

Call quality and user experience

The Nortel IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC is designed foremost with audio quality in mind. Paired with a Nortel USB Enhanced Adapter and headset for full-time teleworkers or the Nortel USB Mobile Headset Adapter along with a USB headset for part-time teleworkers and road warriors, the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC delivers superior audio performance with embedded Quality of Service (QoS) to meet the needs of today's business professional. The Nortel USB Enhanced and Mobile Adapters offer color-coded fixed keys for easy recognition and access to commonly used telephony functions such as call initiation, call release, mute, volume up and down. The adapters also include a minimize/maximize key to manage the softphone's appearance on the PC when performing other tasks.

Benefits summary

Enhanced mobility — The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC is virtually an anywhere, anytime solution. With a Windows-based desktop, laptop or tablet PC, a Nortel USB Enhanced or Mobile Headset Adapter and USB Headset, along with one software user license from one of the supported Nortel Communication Servers, employee mobility is enabled! Cost-effective — With the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, in addition to the bandwidth savings associated with IP Telephone networks and reduced costs of infrastructure, companies can extend the reach of their network, thereby offering savings on mobile phone charges they pay today. Increased productivity — With the IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, full-time teleworkers can simplify their daily tasks with a total communications solution as if they were working at the corporate office. Part-time teleworkers and road warriors can leverage concurrent ringing, where both their office-based Nortel desktop IP Phone and the softphone rings concurrently4.

Easy to use — Users can enjoy many of the familiar controls and features they are accustomed to with professional level models of Nortel IP desksets, including simple user-based programmable line/feature keys, context-sensitive softkeys and Visual Alerting for both Incoming Call Notification and Message Waiting Indication. Secure communications — For remote deployments connecting to the campus, both telephony and data communications can be secured through Virtual Private Networking by deploying the Nortel VPN Client. The Nortel VPN Client provides support of the IPSec standard5.

Support for contact center agents

Contact Center agents can leverage their Windows-based PC for converged access to both telephony and data Communications. In addition, the IP Softphone 2050 support of the Algo Solutions 4900 USB Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) and 1127 Visual Alerter along with support of personal and centralized IP Call Recording maximize customer service and personal productivity.

Technical Specifications

Nortel platforms7
• Communication Server 1000 Release 3.0 and later8
• Media Gateway 1000B
• Business Communications Manager 50 Release 2.0 and later
• Business Communications Manager 200/400 Release 4.0 and later
• Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) – SRG 50 Release 2.0 and later; SRG 200/400 – Release 1.5 or later
• Meridian 1 with Release 3.0 and later


• Supports up to twelve user-defined programmable line/feature keys (self-labeled) 9
• Four context-sensitive soft label keys delivers quick access to commonly used features
• Single-click dialing from various windows and applications
• Dedicated call processing keys including Hold, Goodbye, Answer, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Navigation Keys and Message Waiting
• Five specialized and dedicated keys including Directory, Inbox/Message, Shift/Outbox, Services and Expand
• Multiple themes: Enhanced, Compact Black, Compact Silver
• Inbound and Outbound Call Logs10
• Three input modes: Digit, Alphanumeric and Native
• Macro functions available for programming long dialing patterns


• Packet Loss Concealment software for Quality of Service audio as standard
• Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression when used with Nortel Enhanced Desktop USB Adapter or Nortel Mobile USB Headset Adapter
• Voice Activity Detection
• Adaptive Jitter Buffer Nortel Approved Audio Interface Options
• Nortel Enhanced Desktop USB Adapter or Nortel Mobile USB Headset Adapter (one required per IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC user)
• Nortel Mobile USB Headset Adapter (2.5mm jack) supports Motorola cellular headsets (not applicable on Enhanced Adapter) Directories
• Personal Directory (locally stored)
• External directory import including Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories, Microsoft Outlook
• Windows Address Book (WAB) contact management software Standards
• G.711 a and μ law, G.723.1, G.729a (annex B) codecs
• IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC, in tandem with proxy and gateway servers, can interoperate with MGCP, SIP, H.323 and legacy PSTN devices
• Quality of Service support includes Layer 2 802.1p/802.1q packet prioritization, Layer 3 Differentiated Services (DiffServ)

Operating System requirements

• Pentium-compatible CPU (200 MHz or higher)
• 128MB RAM or higher for Windows 2000
• 256MB RAM or higher for Windows XP
• 55MB or higher of free hard drive space (supporting all languages)
• 800x600 or higher resolution monitor (16-bit color)
• One Universal Serial Bus (USB) port (version 1.1 or 2.0 supported)


• English, French, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Latvian and Turkish


• Personalized IP Call Recording (support from Algo Solutions, Inc.)
• Centralized (dual media stream) IP Call Recording (support from Witness Systems, Inc.)
• 4900 USB Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) support via Algo Solutions, Inc.
• 1127 Visual Alerter from Algo Solutions, Inc.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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