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VPN Router
VPN Router 200 Series

The VPN Router 200 Series (formerly known as Contivity 200 Series VPN Switches) provides low cost secure connectivity to the Internet or managed IP networks, designed for telecommuters and small offices/ home offices.

• Applications include VPN, stateful firewall, URL/content filtering and optional integrated ADSL in a compact, easy to manage platform

• Full inspection firewall with up to 50 rules, denial of service protection, logging, and email alerts to prevent unwanted network intrusions

• Integrated 4-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch allows direct connection of user PCs and LAN devices

• Has PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, and NAT support to simplify internet deployment and broadband DSL connections

• Hard Client mode allows VPN Router 200 to simulate a VPN Client, simplifying management set-up and aiding larger scale deployments

VPN Router 600
The VPN Router 600 (formerly known as Contivity 600 Secure IP Services Gateway) supports centralized management via a secure, encrypted Internet tunnel, which can extend secure VPN remote access to locations needing up to 50 tunnels.

• Can serve as a hub or spoke in small VPNs, or as a basis for mesh extranets
• Offers complete site-to-multi-site VPN features in a compact, low cost desktop package
• Functionalities include: IP routing, IPSec tunneling, stateful firewall protection, authentication and encryption
VPN Router 1000 Series (Includes VPN Router 1010/1050 and VPN Router 1100)
The VPN Router (formerly known as Contivity 1000 Series Secure IP Services Gateways) is ideally suited to the small, home or branch office. The inbuilt IP access router, VPN switch and firewall functionalities ensure it can assume different roles in enterprise and carrier networks.

• Supports up to 30 tunnels, which makes it ideal for bringing all branch offices and partner locations into one secure network
• Offers high-end software and administration in a small low-cost package
• Supports centralized management via a secure, encrypted Internet tunnel
• Functionality evolution is flexible by licensing VPN Router 1750

The VPN Router 1750 is the cost effective, all-in-one solution for medium and large enterprise branch office sites, supporting up to several hundred users.

• Can adapt to different roles in enterprise and carrier IP networks: IP access router, VPN switch, firewall, encryption, Quality of Service and bandwidth management services
• Supports up to VPN 500 tunnels
• Embedded Secure Routing Technology provides scalability and high performance even when running multiple IP services on the same device
• Easy installation and management
• Full SSL VPN functionality via installable module VPN Router 2700

The VPN Router 2700 (formerly known as Contivity 2700 Secure IP Services Gateway) is today’s router for today’s medium to large businesses which can provide up to 2000 tunnels to securely connect workers from all locations.

• Can serve multiple roles: IP access router, VPN switch, firewall and more
• Supports centralized management
• Quality of Service and bandwidth management insures mission-critical data traffic for business communications.
• Full SSL VPN functionality via installable module VPN Router 5000

The VPN Router 5000 (formerly known as Contivity 5000 Secure IP Services Gateway) is the next generation platform providing up to 5000 VPN tunnels to securely connect branch offices and remote workers to headquarters.

• Adapts to different roles of VPN gateway, firewall, and IP access router
• Supports dynamic routing and load balancing for tunnelled and non-tunnelled traffic
• Provides full hardware redundancy – dual disks, processors, power supplies for high reliability
• Standard encryption accelerator hardware can support a second encryption accelerator to further boost VPN throughput
• Full SSL VPN functionality via installable module

All VPN routers can be manager through the VPN Router Multi-Element Manager. This is a multi-element manager that addresses the network administrator’s need to provision and maintain VPN Router devices within their network.

Features and Benefits

• Centralized provisioning of up to 2500 VPN Router devices
• Automated VPN Router device changes and updates
• Easy to use single view management
• Work-flow wizards simplify configuration
• Software image and license management
• Audit logging of all changes for security and archival purposes

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.

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